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do you capitalize job titles

Do you capitalize job titles? What’s the proper way to capitalize a job title? These can be tough questions when you want to post a job online or if you want to list prior work experience in your resume.

We’re going to cover proper capitalization of these titles in this writeup and more.

Here’s what we’re going to educate you on:

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Before We Start

There are a few job titles that are incorporated into the professional's name. These can be titles as well as abbreviations. For example, “Dr. John Smith” indicates that Mr. Smith is a physician or holds a doctorate.

President Bush, for example, indicates that the person is a President of the United States. Though, this example is going to be less widely used, of course.

When you hold a Ph.D., you might indicate that in your name as well. For example, “Dr. John Smith, Ph.D.”

While these are less widely used, these are usually different than a job title. And while your job title is being indirectly communicated through your naming cloture, you should be aware of how this might change your capitalization.

Job Title Capitalization

The basic rule of thumb is to capitalize each first letter of the job title. While this is not technically how you would write this according to Webster’s Dictionary, it is more widely known. And would be considered AP Style grammar.

For example, listing, “Sales Associate” with both the “S” in Sales and the “A” in Associate capitalized. That is the correct way to capitalize the job title or business title.

What If You Are Writing a Sentence

If you’re writing a sentence, for example, using the job title as part of a description of some kind. Do you capitalize the job title there? Yes, you should.

For example, saying, “I was a previous sales associate at Nordstrom.” would look slightly odd. Instead you want to say, “I was a previous Sales Associate at Nordstrom.”

It refers to the proper job title and ensures that the job title is referred to as an entity versus a reference.

What About “of” in a Job Title

If your job title contains the word “of” or “and” within the job title, should that be capitalized? No. According to AP style, this would be kept lowercase.

For example, if the job position is “Director of Operations”, it looks more formal and proper to make the “of” lowercase. Here is how it would look with the “of” capitalized: Director Of Operations

It looks improper. And doesn’t read well.

Where Will You See Job Titles

If you are posting a job online and using the job title as part of the job description, you should absolutely capitalize the job title as described above.

You would use the format for both the title of the job description as well as when you reference the job title within the job description itself.

If you are posting this job title as your LinkedIn profile or maybe it is part of your previous work experience within a resume, you should also capitalize the job title as explained above.

Grammar FAQ's

Questions and answers regarding grammar of job titles.

Do you use abbreviated job titles with a person's name in it?

You generally do not include a job title with a person's name in it. For example, acct magr Patricia Swayze. Including the title with the person's name is not a traditional or formal convention.

Should I lowercase the job title?

Generally, you should use capital letters for each of the position title words. Even if they are used as a proper noun. The correct capitalization is to use an uppercase letter for each of the title words. This is often mistaken by only capitalizing the first word of the title.

When are titles included with names?

A job title might be included with names in special circumstances. For example, when describing a government position. The names of the professionals might be included. Like, President Obama. But in many cases, the full name of the specific person in question may be the more formal of writing these types of formal job titles. The official title may often be included as part of the name. But this isn't always conventional.

When are quotation marks used in a job title?

They normally are not. You shouldn't do this when using an occupational title or academic title as part of the professional's name.

What if there is a second reference to the job title, do you still use a capital letter for each of the title references?

Yes, when writing a job description or job ad, you should use the capital first letter for each of the title references throughout the entire writing of your description.

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