What is a Key Holder? What Do They Do?

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A Key Holder is a professional who is part of a retail establishment who holds keys to the building. A Key Holder is usually a job title that is in addition to another job title. For example, if you are “Assistant Manager” within a retail setting, you might be awarded “Key Holder” in addition to that role.

Your responsibilities as a Key Holder is to be available in instances where other employees are locked out of an establishment or to help assist with the opening and closing duties of regular business.

Do Key Holders Get Paid More?

Key Holders generally get additional responsibility along with their job. Mostly ensuring that they have the keys available to them during the normal business hours.

But additional compensation is normally determined on behalf of the business. And it may not be the case where you receive an additional salary or hourly wages by being a Key Holder.

Duties of a Key Holder

Below are the general duties of a Key Holder, which should give you an idea of what a business may expect from you in the event you are awarded this job title.

There aren’t specific requirements that you have to have in order to be a Key Holder. If you have previous retail management experience, that may assist in helping you receive this job title if you want it.

Though, employees who have previous management experience are going to be asked to be a Key Holder by default.

How Do I Become a Key Holder

If you want to receive this job title, the best way to do so is by asking your management team for the responsibility. The person you should speak with would be your Assistant Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, or General Manager.

Whichever professional you feel like you have a better relationship with is the one we would advise you to go to.

From there, simply ask for this responsibility and state the reasons that support you being responsible for it.

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