What is an Office Assistant? What Do They Do?

An Office Assistant is a flexible front-desk team member who plays a number of roles. From the front-desk duties to assisting executives with note-taking or other administrative tasks.

Office Assistants receive this title because they are often flexible team members versus strictly handling front-desk duties.

This position would be ideal for you if you feel like you can multi-task and become a multidisciplinary team member within a business center.

What Does an Office Assistant Do?

Some responsibilities of an Office Assistant consist of scheduling, appointment making, monitoring office supplies, coordinating teams, coordinating departments, coordinating board member meetings, coordinating executive team member meetings, performing front-desk duties, checking in guests to the corporate center, and much more.

An Office Assistant receives this title because they aren’t simply focusing on receptionist style duties and responsibilities.

How Do You Become an Office Assistant?

Office Assistants rarely need a bachelor’s degree in order to receive the position. Being able to show that you know how to manage an office, understanding business center or office center requirements, and other administrative needs can go a long way in ensuring that you receive this job.

Compensation of an Office Assistant

The compensation for an Office Assistant is generally on an hourly basis. The average Office Assistant will earn roughly $15 per hour. Which equates to somewhere in the range of $31,480 to $41,450 per year.

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