What is a QA Tester? What Do They Do?

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A QA Tester (Quality Assurance Tester) or sometimes referred to as a QA Engineer is someone who works within a software, engineering, game design, or other digital industries. They are professionals who perform a number of discretionary and automated tests in order to ensure that all software, games, or engineering related needs are working according to expectations.

What Does a QA Tester Do?

The role of a QA Tester is to be part of the engineering team. When other engineers are close to finishing a component or part of their work, they integrate it into the system as a whole. Once the system is compiled and is ready to be delivered to customers, QA Testers take on their roles.

They design a number of manual and automated tests that check a number of user or persona use cases (scenarios which can be performed by humans). These then allow the QA Tester to check whether the component that the engineer built is working according to the specifications.

QA Testers are necessary because it would be impossible for someone to manually test a number of these systems. For example, a game. Manually testing all parts of the game would be nearly impossible or would take too long to perform.

How Much Do QA Testers Make?

Depending on the industry that the QA Tester is part of, they may make anywhere from $39,000 per year to $110,000 per year. QA Testers who work as part of the software industry, potentially meeting the business-to-business software needs, are going to earn more than game designers.

What Qualifications Do I Need to be a QA Tester?

QA Testers should have an engineering background and know how to develop automated systems for whichever industry they are in. Game Design industries should have QA Testers who have Game Design backgrounds.

The general requirements of a QA Tester are:

What are the Required Skills of a QA Tester?

QA Testers should have collaborative skills, coordination skills, strong technical hard skills, and research skills in order to determine solutions to complex problems or needs of the engineering departments.

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