What is a UI Developer? What Do They Do?

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A UI Developer is a professional who helps translate visual designs into workable interfaces. They are someone who sits between the design team and the engineering team helping to ensure that all work done by the design team is to specifications.

What Does a UI Developer Do?

A UI Developer is the person who will be responsible for taking designs produced by the design team and turning them into functioning front-end or mobile prototypes.

These prototypes will then be checked by the design team to ensure that they are to specification. Then once they have been approved, will move to the engineering team to be implemented into web applications, mobile applications, and more.

The UI Developer is someone who helps bridge the gap that exists between design and engineering.

How Much Do UI Developers Make?

On average a UI Developer can earn anywhere from $68,000 per year to $112,000 per year. They are highly sought after professionals who are usually part of the engineering team but perform a number of duties along with the design team.

What Skills Are Required for a UI Developer?

UI Developers need to have the technical skills required in order to meet the needs of the job. That would include knowledge of the technical code base used by the company. For example, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, or any other type of coding language.

Soft skills that are required for the position would be coordination skills, collaboration skills, team development skills, and analytical skills.

These skills are required so that the UI Developer can play a multidisciplinary role between the designers and engineers.

What Are The Duties of a UI Developer?

The general duties of a UI Developer would consist of:

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