What is a Busser? What Do They Do?


A Busser is a part-time professional who handles the clearing and cleaning of tables when patrons are finished with their meals. They also handle the new table setting placements once the table has been appropriately cleaned, sanitized and prepared for the next guests.

What Does a Busser Do?

A Busser will work with all of the restaurant establishment staff to ensure that tables are ready for patrons. This includes working with the Hostess or the Chef to ensure that all quality standards are being met on behalf of the restaurant establishment.

Bussers will be responsible for ensuring that all tables have been sanitized, cleaned, contain no previous food on the table, and have fresh table settings ready for new guests.

The Duties of a Busser

The general duties of a Busser include:

How Much Do Bussers Get Paid?

Most Bussers work part-time on an hourly wage basis. Because this job is considered an entry-level position with very little previous requirements in order to receive the position, it is compensated at roughly $6.40 per hour to $11.85 per hour.

Previous hospitality experience is a plus when trying to become a Busser, but it is not necessary. The only requirement of a Busser is that they are able to lift up to 50 pounds. This is a requirement because the professional is often moving boxes in the backrooms, finding supplies, getting ready for new patrons.

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