55+ Administrative Skills for the Resume

administrative skills

Searching for the perfect administrative skill to list on your resume? Administrative jobs power America. They are some of the most common types of job positions that both entry-level and highly experienced professionals involve themselves with.

From operators who choose to run a business and perform operations and administrative tasks to do so. To Office Administrators who assist in the office environment and ensure that all office needs are efficient.

So what makes you stand out as a high-profile administrative candidate? Skills can be a great way to stand out. And listing or speaking to the right skills can be crucial in showing your future employer that you are experienced and motivated towards your job responsibilities.

How to Show Your Employer Your Skills

There are four ways to show your employer the administrative skills that we’re about to discuss. In your job application assets, you’ll have an opportunity to show your skills in your prior work experience (through your bullet points and job explanation), your resume summary, your “skills” section of your resume, and your cover letter.

When speaking to your skills in your resume summary, try to include a previous work scenario which stood out to you. Something that made you feel valuable. And that showed how administrative duties could be beneficial to a business.

Here an example of a resume summary including administrative skills:

“Our CEO was highly concerned about office culture. That’s why we would meet periodically to ensure that all employees and guests had an optimal office environment. This included ordering snacks, lunches, planning office events, and more.”

This resume summary shows your ability to plan, your ability to schedule, multi-task, as well as comprehend executive goals or objectives. Making it ideal.

When speaking to your administrative skills in your prior work experience, try to bring up similar work scenarios within your one to three bullet-point description of your prior work.

Lastly, very similar to the resume summary as well, but with more space or words to do so; you can speak to administrative skills in your cover letter.

Cover letters should contain prior work achievements and significant events which speak to both your ability to perform the job to the highest degree and your importance within the company you worked for. Storytelling is a great way to do this within your cover letter.

Administrative Skills List

Administrative skills are important because they support your ability to perform on the job. They show your prior expertise and can help when you have little to no prior experience as well.

Before you jump right into listing administrative skills, it’s vital that you take a look at the job description. Even if you didn’t apply to the job through the job description or online job posting, try to find it. It will provide helpful insights into what types of administrative skills the position is seeking. From there you can tailor your skill sets towards those that both the job responsibilities and employer value.

There are a few area’s where administrative skills lie, that is:

Here are the applicable skills for each type of functional area that you might be involved with as an operator or administrator.

Office duties

Interpersonal duties

Project management duties

Cultural duties

While each of these should be used within work scenarios, you may want to list some of them under your “Skills” section on your resume, which is acceptable. Though, when you do so, you should be prepared to speak to them when you interview with a potential employer.

Administrative Jobs Applicable These Skills

If you aren’t sure whether or not your type of job is suitable for listing or mentioning these skills, below is a list of job titles that are.

While these are not all of the job titles that these administrative skills are applicable for, you can use this as a point of reference to determine whether or not they are similar to the job function you might be performing.

Some of the jobs that can find value in adding these administrative skills to their job application would be:

While there are many more types of jobs which can benefit from these skills, any job which has administrative functions part of the responsibilities will be applicable.

Whether it is operational duties or administrative duties, these skills should be a valuable addition to your resume and job application assets.

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