What is a Production Assistant? What Do They Do?

production assistant

Production assistants work with other members of film or television crews and handle many administrative tasks behind the scenes of movie and television productions. They assist producers in all of their duties and perform organizational tasks such as taking notes, printing scripts, fact-checking, and more.

What Does a Production Assistant Do?

Production Assistants work across a variety of departments under a number of senior production staff and are responsible for many different administrative and organizational duties and tasks. You’ll be responsible for organizing meetings, arranging interviews, and liaising with personnel in every department of the production process.

Production assistants also support the on-set staff and ensure the organization of equipment, props, maintenance of the set, and completion of all necessary paperwork. They also perform many administrative duties in an office setting including answering phone calls, managing production records, taking notes, and even assisting in the writer’s room.

They also support editors and producers with their responsibilities as well. They assist with organizing footage and make sure that the editing room is always organized. They also shuttle the production equipment around as necessary. They may also shuttle people around by car for errands or moving between sets or production locations.

In short, production assistants do a bit of everything and anything. Any senior-level staff member can make requests and a production assistant performs their duties all throughout the production process.

How To Become a Production Assistant

To get started on the path to becoming a Production Assistant, it’s best to earn an undergraduate degree in film and television production or film studies. These courses will prepare you for your career in film and television by teaching pre-production, production, and post-production processes. You will also learn film writing, directing, sound, acting, lighting, and editing.

Many employers also want applicants who are experienced using editing software such as Final Cut Pro, so taking a course on similar software will only improve your chances of being hired quickly.

An internship with a production company is also highly recommended as you will gain priceless hands-on practical experience and networking opportunities. Many internships lead to full-time employment and is a great way to get your foot in the door.

There are also many training programs, usually 4-6 weeks long, that provide excellent hands-on experience on a production set. The majority of these training programs assist graduates with finding work after successful completion of the program, and some even offer up to 2 years of full-time employment for their favorite graduates.

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