40+ Waitress Skills for the Resume

waitress skills

There are more than 2.9 million waitress jobs in the U.S. Making it one of the most sought after positions in America. This is why listing your skills as a waitress (waitress skills) is vital on your job application assets.

But what skills are more important for waitresses and servers to list on their resumes? And how do you put them onto the resume that makes you stand out as a top candidate?

These questions can cause you stress as you build your resume. In this guide, we’re going to address what the top skills are for the waitress, waiter, server, and hostess positions. And how you might be able to implement them into your job application in an effective way.

Key Duties of a Waitress or Server

Before we jump into the skills, it’s imperative that you spend the time to think through what job functions you’ll be performing while being a waitress.

By spending the time to think through these functions, you can not only cultivate your own set of soft skills that you might want to include on your resume. But you can be sure that the skills that you list are applicable and suitable for the job description that your future employer put out.

There are a few functions we should discuss.

Customer Service Skills

This is defined as being able to serve customers. Which is a vital part of the hostess, waitress, and waiter job function. Your ability to listen to customers needs, address them, guide them, respond to them, and meet their expectations.

Team Coordination Skills

You won’t simply be serving customers as a waitress. Your job will consist of coordinating with chefs, coordinating with hostesses, buses, and ensuring that the quality of the establishment is world-class. In order to do that you’ll need to communicate, coordinate, and work as a team with your other colleagues.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills in this vein means more about being able to have good memory recall of what your customers ordered, being able to have a good sensibility of guiding the customer towards particular orders, being able to remember meal specials, menu changes, and more.

Multi-tasking Skills

While most jobs ask for you to have multi-tasking skills, as a waitress this is taken more seriously. Your role as a waitress is going to be addressing customers while managing orders. You could be addressing more than 20 customers at a time. And this takes a high degree of focus, coordination, and ability to multi-task without feeling pressured or losing your sense of control.

While there are other functions of a good waitress or waiter, these are the top three functional areas that make up a talented server.

Top Skills for a Waitress

Other Skills for a Waitress

Where to Put These Skills on Your Resume

For many other job titles, you may have the ability to list these skills in your cover letter. But cover letters for waitress positions are rarely read.

The best place for you to put your skills as a waitress is to list them under a “Skills” section on your resume. This is a section that is similar to your education and prior work experience.

Under your skills section, list some of the skills from the list above that you feel most aligned with your personal abilities and the requirements of the job.

If you feel like this list isn’t enough, you may want to include some of these skill mentions in your prior work experience bullet points.

Try to avoid simply stating “Cash Handling Skills” in your prior work experience bullet points. If you can, state some of the job responsibilities that you were accountable for in prior work experience and let that speak to your particular skill sets.

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