5+ Nursing Resume Objectives (Examples)

nursing resume objective

Writing an RN or Nursing resume objective can be hard. You need to state something that is strong, passionate, contains prior work experiences, or contains soft skills or environment variables that you are seeking.

And this can be difficult to navigate. How do you write a few sentences which attract your future employer and show that you’re a strong candidate?

In this guide we’re going to show you what makes a strong nursing resume objective and which soft skills you may want to allude to in your resume objective.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

What Makes a Strong Nursing Resume Objective

A strong nursing resume objective is one that speaks to the environment that you’re seeking. But as a byproduct of that, speaks to the types of soft skills are job duties that create excellence in the workplace.

For example, seeking a “fun” environment doesn’t necessarily communicate that you’re going to be a hard-working, driver of excellence in the hospital.

But if you’re seeking a “committed” work environment, then you might be someone who has a high-caliber to their experience and knows what a good nursing environment should consist of.

When you speak to the environment while mixing in factors that allow you to use your soft skills, you can write a very strong but terse resume objective.

Incorporating your personal goals or your desires may seem like a great idea but in fact, the better way to approach your resume objective is to seek an environment that provides you what you may be seeking for personal development or career development.

Avoid trying to speak too far into what you might be desiring personally. Focus on what type of factors go into a workplace that you will respect. Then speak to that.

Soft Skills for Nursing Resume Objectives

If you want to be considered a top candidate, you may want to lean into some of the factors that allow for you to utilize some of these soft skills or talents that you may have as a nurse:

5 Examples of Nursing Resume Objectives

Below are five examples you can use as a guide when writing your own resume objective. Remember to focus on your desired environment and factors or qualities that apply to that type of environment. Avoid focusing too much on yourself. Focus on what’s going to drive the business to a successful place and how that will help you in your career as well.

“Seeking a fact-paced environment where team members are able to collaborate under a high-pressure environment. Looking for collaborative nurses who have high attention to detail and appreciate empathizing with our patients.”

“Seeking an environment where team members have a friendly, professional attitude and understand that patient care is part of the product that we offer.”

“Seeking an environment that has flexible working hours, which embraces everyone's expertise. Particularly those who have expertise in the emergency room.”

“Desiring to be in an environment where there is autonomy and the ability to learn on the job while avoiding making mistakes. Ideally, an environment where other staff members have a firm understanding of healthcare regulations.”

"Looking for an environment where nurses can adapt to patient needs on the fly to provide world-class patient care and drive success for our hospital.”

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