5+ Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives (Examples)

administrative resume objective

Writing a great administrative assistant resume objective a little bit of an art as well as a science. That’s why it can be helpful to look at examples of what a good administrative resume objective looks like to be able to use as a resource for writing your own.

Let’s jump into what makes a great administrative resume objective and how you might able to determine what should go into yours and how to write it.

What Makes a Good Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Administrative jobs are more than simply taking care of tasks. They are about smoothing the efficiency of a company. As an administrator, you are part of the operations of the business. Ensuring that a task like scheduling doesn’t drag down important executives who could be focusing on company growth.

The best thing you can understand before starting to write your resume objective is the importance that your role has on the business. Then knowing how to express that to the reader.

Knowing your value is easy. It is about comprehending that your ability to jump on administrative task grenades that are created by performing regular business.

So what makes a good administrative job resume objective? The ability to speak to your soft skills that align with the value of performing administrative or operational duties for the business.

Soft Skills to Mention in Your Resume Objective

Here are some soft skills which might give provide you insight into what type of objective you could make. The best way to integrate these soft skills is to speak to functions or qualities that you want to provide to the environment which utilizes these skills.

5 Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Below are a few resume objective examples you can use as a point of reference for writing your own objective. Be sure that you write your objective in a way that aligns your own skills, your own qualities that you can bring to the workplace, and your own values for the job duties.

“Seeking an environment which honors its culture and utilizes administrative functions as a way to drive success, revenue, and overall business competition in the marketplace.”

“Professional who understands that scheduling, note-taking, coordinating emails, and other operational tasks can drag down important executives who need to focus.”

“Seeking a role as an administrative assistant where I can show my ability to prioritize, manage tasks, time, and be a significant contributor to the culture.”

“A professional who takes pride and honor in scheduling, planning, coordinating emails, checking in guests, and ensuring that all office operations are efficient.”

“Seeking a role as an office administrator where I can assist in ensuring the quality of the workplace. From ensuring that the snacks are replenished to ensuring that all inbound and outbound mail makes it to the proper destination.”

What You Shouldn’t Say on Your Resume Objective

If you’re curious about what to avoid when writing your resume objective, there are two main conversation points you shouldn’t include. The first would be anything related to begging for the position. This is something where you might say you are passionately seeking a position or desperately seeking a position. Anything that sounds overly eager.

Additionally, your resume objective should avoid anything that leans too far toward your own personal goals. While your personal goals are great to consider, it should be more related to what you expect to achieve in the environment.

Resume objectives that contain what you hope to get out of the position sound self-centered and don’t focus on the potential success that you could bring to the environment.

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