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Human Resources resume objectives can be tricky to create. They can feel like creating art and science. A good resume objective for Human Resources professionals should contain evidence that supports your knowledge of what a great work environment looks like. And how you’ll be able to contribute toward it.

Not knowing how to write your resume objective can be stressful. You know it’s a requirement of your application assets but you don’t know what it should look like. And this can be stressful.

This guide is going to show you exactly what makes a great Human Resources resume objective, what should go inside yours, how to write yours, and provide a few examples of resume objectives that you can use as a point of reference when writing your own.

What Makes a Good Human Resources Resume Objective

The first thing that makes a great HR resume objective is knowing what makes a great Human Resources employee. There are normally soft skills or qualities that every great Human Resources employee has. And an environment that is conducive to these talents.

When writing your resume objective, try to embrace the qualities of the environment you might be seeking. Does the environment have a guide for how it handles conflict between employees? Does it have a good culture? Does it embrace diversity?

These are qualities that you can lean into when you are writing your resume objective. And you can state that you are seeking an environment that has them.

The best types of resume objectives speak to qualities versus speaking to personal goals that you hope to achieve within the company. When you speak too much about your own personal goals, it sounds self-centered and communicates that you might be difficult to work with (lacks team collaboration).

How to Write Your Resume Objective

Before you sit down to write your resume objective, you should write your resume first. When you have bullet points of previous work experience that you can use as a reference, it can be helpful in communicating both what you value and what you believe a great work environment looks like.

Because the resume objective can be seen towards the top of the page of the resume, most job seekers attempt to write it first. That will make it more challenging.

When you sit down to write your objective, remember that it should be no more than three to four sentences, should be impactful to your employer, and should contain qualities of an environment that allow you to use valuable soft skills for human resource professionals.

Valuable Soft Skills for Human Resource Resume Objectives

Below are valuable soft skills for Human Resource professionals. While you should not directly list these soft skills in your resume objective, they can provide you helpful insight into what qualities of the environment allow you to use these soft skills.

5 Examples of HR Resume Objectives

Below are five example resume objectives for Human Resource professionals. Before you read through the examples, it is important that you don’t copy and paste them into your resume. Use them as a point of reference to understand how and what your own resume objective should look like.

“Seeking an environment that appreciates culture, diversity, creativity, empathy, understanding, respect, and allows for team building.”

“Desiring to be part of an HR team that active in nurturing culture, innovation, diversity, and respect amongst the employee base. And provides guidance to those who need it.”

“Wanting to be part of a world-class HR team who knows how to cultivate culture, repel office politics, and embrace what makes us human.”

“Desiring to work as part of an HR team who knows that HR is more than simply signing contracts and hiring workers. Knowing that everyone is unique and needs to be addressed in their own special way.”

“Wanting to be part of an HR team that is embracing the CEO’s vision, is nurturing its culture, is making change, positivity, friendliness, innovation, progress, and excellence a standard in the workplace.”

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