20+ Skills for Software Engineers

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There are more than 187,000 jobs available right now for Software Engineers. How are you going to stand out? Having the appropriate skills listed on your resume is one way to do it. And knowing which skills will make you a top candidate is another way to ensure you make it to the top of the list in terms of the potential candidate pool.

But what skills are best for software engineers? It’s probably not what you think.

Why Are Soft Skills Important

Skills are important to list on the resume or lean into when you interview because it provides your manager, hiring manager, or interviewer an opportunity to know what it will be like to work with you.

As an additional benefit, it provides them an opportunity to learn about what you can bring to the company. And what type of chemistry might be changed within the team when you’re hired.

This could be a good chemistry change or a bad chemistry change. And managers are often concerned about the ladder. The act of listing and speaking to your skills during your job hunt can help the manager make better decisions about where and how to implement you into the team.

Are Technical Skills Important to List?

As a Software Engineer you might be compelled to speak to which programming languages you know. From PHP to Node and more. But for Software Engineers, in particular, this is more of a hard skill than a soft skill.

You should find a place on your resume to list your “Programming Languages” section which you can then list these coding languages.

But when thinking about skills to put into your resume, consider soft skills. These will be more even more helpful to your employer when they see your hard skills and soft skills combined on one sheet.

Which Soft Skills Are Great for Software Engineers

Soft skills that are particularly beneficial to Software Engineers would be anything related to communication, team collaboration, ability to be flexible, ability to understand the work culture, ability to practice patience, and ability to comprehend customer service.

Engineers do more than code. In fact, in order for them to code and program software efficiently, they need to understand the company direction and the needs of their team members.

That’s why these skills are impactful to your manager. There’s a high likelihood they comprehend this. And are searching for Engineers who do as well.

Top Skills for Software Engineers

Below is a list of soft skills that will make you stand out as a high-profile candidate.


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