15+ Mechanical Engineering Skills for the Resume

mechanical engineer skills

By 2028 more than 325,000 Americans will be employed with Mechanical Engineering jobs. So how do you stand out? Listing skills on your resume can be a great way to show your future employer that you comprehend the job requirements and know what’s required to drive success in your position.

As a Mechanical Engineer it’s important to speak to both the soft skills that you have a particular talent for. As well as the certifications and hard skills that you have formal training for.

In this writeup we’re going to discuss the best soft skills to list on your resume for a Mechanical Engineering job. Where to put your soft skills on the resume. And lastly, what certifications you may want to list in order to stand out as a high-profile candidate in the job market.

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Where to Put Your Soft Skills

There are a few options that you have when deciding where to put your soft skills on your job application assets. You have the option of putting your soft skills on your resume directly, under a “Skills” section of your resume similar to your “Work Experience” section.

You have the option of including your soft skills as part of your resume summary, where you might speak to achievements on prior jobs or qualities of the work environment which allows you to utilize those soft skills.

Then lastly, you might include mentions of your soft skills on your cover letter. In this approach, you’ll most likely discuss a previous business scenario or work scenario which allowed you to utilize your talents and then show your future employer you’re qualified for the position, through that storytelling.

With each of these options, you have the choice of using one or many of them. Although, the best option is to use all of them. Combine them to ensure that your job application has synergy and that you’re ready for the interview to speak to these soft skills and more.

Best Certifications for Mechanical Engineer Resumes

When jobs require certifications, it can be helpful to have a “Certifications” section of your resume similar to “Skills”. Ideally, you place them next to one another. Certifications can often be more appealing to employers than soft skills or hard skills.

Here are some certifications that you may want to include as part of your Mechanical Engineering resume:

Best Soft Skills for Mechanical Engineer Resumes

Here are soft skills that will make you stand out as a high-profile candidate in the candidate pool. Each of these soft skills speaks to functions that allow you to perform your job well.

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