Vacation Request Email Template

vacation request email

Asking for vacation time by email can be difficult. You don’t want to come across as lacking passion for the environment. Or your work. But at the same time, you want to make sure your manager knows that you need a little break.

In this short writeup we’re going to cover what you need to know about writing an effective vacation request email, what should go inside your email, a simple template to use for writing your own, and tips you should know before writing your own.

Let’s jump right in!

Before You Send Your Email

Before you send your email, here are a few things you should consider:

What Your Email Should Say

When writing your email, consider the perspective of the manager. Do they have a significant amount of work that needs to get done? Are you behind on your work? Is your requested time going to be a good time for the business? Think through these factors before you send your email. This could impact the perception your manager has on you and whether or not they approve the request.

Here are a few things your email should say:

Vacation or Time-Off Request Email Template

Here is a simple template and sample you can use as a reference to write your own vacation request email.

Dear Josh —

My family recently decided they wanted to have a reunion this summer. And I’m wondering if I might be able to take a few days off to go visit them.

The reunion is July 1st through July 7th of this year.

Would this be a good time to take a vacation? If so, I’d love to make sure our Human Resources department is aware of it and I would gladly communicate my vacation dates to them upon your approval.

Thank you so much Josh,

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