How to Sign a Cover Letter (Tutorial)

how to sign a cover letter

Wanting to know how to sign your cover letter? And how to put your signature on your cover letter before you send it by email? There’s a simple trick to get your signature onto your cover letter without spending much time at all.

Why Is a Signature Important on Your Cover Letter?

When you formally end your business letter with your personalized signature, it adds professionalism to your message. This can help to show your employer that you have business experience and business etiquette.

That can go a long way in portraying your experience as well as capitalizing on the message you have for the employer within your cover letter.

How to Sign and Put Your Signature on Your Cover Letter

For this guide, we’re going to focus on Mac users. Apple users have a tool called “Preview” on their machine by default. Preview allows us to open PDF files.

Before we get into your signature, let’s first export your cover letter as a PDF.

Pro tip: Exporting your cover letter as a PDF is going to best the best way to ensure that your future employer or hiring manager can open your cover letter. Exporting your cover letter to a Microsoft Word file has an increased chance that the reader might not be able to open it. That’s due to potential version differences with your Microsoft Word software and theirs. PDF files, as a contrast, can be opened universally. Regardless of the readers operating system and PDF reading software.

The best way to export your cover letter as a PDF is to use Google Docs. Write your cover letter in Google Docs. If you didn’t do this, that’s okay. Simply copy and paste your cover letter into a new Google Document.

When you’re finished, to export your cover letter as a PDF, do the following:

1. Go to “File”

2. Download

3. PDF Document (.pdf)

download your cover letter as a pdf

And now you have your PDF document! Fantastic! Now let’s add your signature.

1. Open your PDF file in “Preview” on your Mac. Don't know how? Find the cover letter PDF file you downloaded, right-click on the file and select “Open With -> Preview”.

2. When you have Preview open, there’s a small icon that looks like a toolbox towards the top of the window, near the search box. Click that.

3. When you click that it will open a new menu. There will be an icon that looks like a cursive capital “J”. Click that. There will be a menu that opens and a link called “Create Signature”.

4. From there it will ask you to either write your signature on your trackpad or to write your signature on a white piece of paper, then use your Apple camera to take a photo of your signature. Pro tip: Use the camera method, it is going to produce a higher quality result.

5. Once you have that scanned, it will save your signature under the same icon.

6. Now you can select your signature and place it onto your cover letter body where appropriate (at the end of your cover letter, right after your printed name).

7. Once your signature is on the cover letter don’t forget to save the file. You can do this by pressing “Command + S” on your keyboard.

Now you have your signature on your cover letter and it looks more professional than ever! This should only take you 15 minutes at the most.

Last Resort, Printing Your Signature and Scanning It

As a last resort, if you are confused and stuck on how to add your signature to your digital file, you can print your cover letter and scan it. iOS applications like "PDF Scanner" will make it easy to scan your document once it's been printed and be able to save it as a PDF.

This should make it easy to email your resume, cover letter, and other job application assets to your potential employer.

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