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Social Workers can work in many different settings such as hospitals, agencies, and not-for-profits. What is universally true about Social Workers, however, is their ability to care for clients and their desire to make a positive impact on their communities. Social workers are often skilled in client and case management, effective communication and listening skills, and the ability to manage and prioritize their workload. It is thus important that you relay this information in your cover letter.

Here we outline the key pieces you should include in your Social Work cover letter and provide an example to assist you in your job search.

What Makes a Good Social Worker Cover Letter?

As mentioned above, a good Social Worker cover letter focuses on a combination of industry-specific experiences and your general, communications and organizational skills, to name a few. From a Social Work perspective, your cover letter should address your ability to conduct job-specific tasks such as liaising with clients and community members, providing crisis intervention, counseling, and psychosocial assessment, and finalizing discharge planning. It is integral that you show that no matter what your industry is, you have the core skills and experiences needed to be an effective Social Worker. A good cover letter will also show specific and measurable examples such as “In my current role, I assist a minimum of 15 clients per day, meaning weekly I can see up to 75 new clients who need help.”

Your cover letter should also focus on communication. You’ll need to effectively communicate with clients, family members, community resources, and whomever you are reporting your cases too. This is a skill that must show up on your cover letter. Finally, if you are registered or have additional certification, please ensure you include these in your cover letter. Along with these tips, make sure to mirror some of the keywords and language in the job description. Good luck on landing a Social Worker role!

Social Worker Cover Letter Sample

John Blarney

May 1st, 2020

Dear Hiring Manager —

I am eager to submit my application for the Social Worker role with your company. As a Social Work professional of 5 years, I am ready to take the next step in my career in an agency that prides itself on community-based and client-focused care. I am a passionate Social Worker with the desire to make a positive impact on my community. I am confident I am the right candidate for the Social Work position and I look forward to being a productive member of your company’s team.

In my current role as a Social Worker, I am responsible for client intake, client file management, making psychological assessments, working one-on-one with clients, and providing recommendations for next steps. I am organized and able to set clinical and non-clinical priorities in a way that makes sense for my clients and the agency. I have a thorough understanding of community development theory and I’m able to practically apply it to my work. I am thrilled at the opportunity to work with a diverse community as a Social Worker with your company.

I have also had the privilege of taking the lead in a team environment, a position I thrive in. I’m eager to grow within your company to a leadership role within the Social Work team. I also consider myself to have excellent communication skills, which are integral to my ability to build client trust and confidence. I utilize these skills in several ways including working cooperatively with team members to provide the best service to our clients. Additionally, I am a graduate of the Bachelors of Social Work Program through University A and I am certified through CERTIFICATION. I look forward to the possibility of working as a Social Worker for your company.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration while reading this cover letter. I look forward to having the opportunity to interview with you and learn more about your company.

John Blarney

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