Program Manager Cover Letter Sample

Program Managers are leaders with exceptional organizational, financial, and creative skills. Able to work in a variety of settings, Program Managers are project-management professionals who oversee and implement new programming to improve a business or organization. This means your cover letter needs to exhibit a combination of the above skills. Additionally, Program Managers are leaders in the role. It is important your cover letter speaks to your ability to lead a team and organization. Here we outline the key pieces you should include in your Program Manager cover letter and provide an example to assist you in your job search.

What Makes a Good Program Manager Cover Letter?

As mentioned above, a good Program Manager cover letter focuses on a combination of industry-specific skills and your leadership abilities. From a Program Management perspective, your cover letter should address your ability to complete job-related tasks such as creating programs to support an organization’s goals and mission, develop short- and long-term goals for the organization, and work on program budgeting.

A good cover letter will also show specific and measurable examples such as “helped grow organizational awareness by implementing 3 new community programs.” You’ll also want your cover letter to illuminate your ability to lead a team. As an Operations Manager, you’ll likely be a team of people, whether it be other employees or volunteers.

Be sure to include specific examples of your past leadership experiences, successful projects where you’ve taken the lead, and your ability to effectively communicate. Along with these tips, make sure to mirror some of the keywords and language in the job description. Good luck on landing a Program Manager role!

Program Manager Cover Letter Sample

John Blarney
[email protected]

May 1st, 2020

Dear Hiring Manager—

It is with great excitement that I submit my application for the Program Manager role with your company. As a program coordinator for 8 years, I am ready to take the next step in my career in a program management position. I am a project manager and expert communicator who is ready to put my years of experience and passion to work in a management capacity. I am also a cooperative leader who believes collaboration is the key to success. I am confident I am the right candidate for the Program Manager position and I look forward to being a productive member of your company’s team.

In my current role as a program coordinator, I am responsible for creating and implementing several strategic programs that are aligned with my organization’s goals. I am experienced in program creation, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and managing teams of volunteers. In this role, I have helped increase community presence, fundraising dollars, and overall organizational awareness. One particular program I have coordinated has helped grow our volunteers by 25% this year alone. I am eager to step into the Program Manager role to bring the same kind of hard results to your company.

I have also had the privilege of taking the lead on team projects which I believe has prepared me to step into this leadership role. I consider myself to have excellent communication skills, which are integral to building and managing strategic programs. Additionally, I have conflict resolution experience which I am confident will prove beneficial in this role. I look forward to bringing my leadership qualities to the role of Project Manager to help build strategic and effective programming for your company.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration while reading this cover letter. I look forward to having the opportunity to interview with you and learn more about your company.

John Blarney

Using a Program Manager Cover Letter Template

Follow the instructions below to use the program manager cover letter template.

Follow a standard cover letter format

When writing a cover letter, follow a professional cover letter format. Use the following guidelines.

Contact Information
Phone Number
Email Address
LinkedIn Profile
(Optional) Professional Website

Dear Mr./Mrs. First Last Name

Opening Paragraph
The first paragraph should greet the reader and suggest an understanding of the job requirements. This paragraph should be no more than 150 words.

Second Paragraph
The body paragraph should contain relative work examples and career accomplishments that entice the hiring manager to read the resume.

Closing Paragraph
Thank the reader for their time. Suggest a desire to interview with the company as soon as possible.

Letter Closing
Sincerely/Yours truly

Typed Name or handwritten signature
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Program Manager Cover Letter Template

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