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job description template

A job description template is used to outline the requirements of a job function, the responsibilities, duties, and skills required in order to perform the role. The job description will contain information about the tools, equipment, machinery, software, or other assets that the employee will use to complete their job. Lastly, the job description outlines the employees reporting to or manager and their goals or objectives.

A great job description will be written by the hiring manager and the human resources team. Both of these departments and stakeholders may speak to employees and managers to decipher job responsibilities, job duties, qualifications, and job requirements. The job description is put together to decipher what the ideal candidate requirements are for the recruitment process. An effective job description contains a position description that is brief yet outlines essential duties and requests job applications from qualified applicants.

There may be portions of the job description that outline the ideal previous experience of the candidate, preferred qualifications or minimum qualifications, as well as company culture or salary information for the candidate to read. This may be within the job summary or broken out into multiple sections of the job description or job post.

Company culture may become a large portion of the job description, but toward the bottom of the template as it can provide work environment insights and general working conditions that can attract top talent into the position.

The purpose of a job description is to set expectations for the potential candidates that are reading a future job ad or job advertisement. It provides useful insights into the position to ensure that applicants are qualified and have expectations managed regarding the employer's needs for the job role.

A job description is an essential part of the hiring process. And when posted on job boards, can be an essential tool of recruiters to attract job seekers. A good job description entices applicants to put forth the effort of submitting a tailored job application for the role and open opportunity.

When including a job title for the position, the job title should be standardized across the desired industry. For example:

Versus creating a customized job title like Administrative Wizard. Using a unique job title that is not standardized and it could confuse applicants or make them feel like they can't accomplish the essential functions the job description is requiring.

Sample Job Description

Below is a sample job description for a Marketing Manager.

Job Title:
Marketing Manager

XYZ Company is seeking a Marketing Manager to lead our marketing team. Our company is looking for those who have experience and a set skill in SEO, SEM, PPC advertising, direct mail advertising, and lead generation. Qualified candidates are those who have at least 5+ years of experience in a similar marketing role and have a strong track record of driving profitable marketing campaigns.

Responsibilities & Duties:
  • Work closely with executive staff members to decide the marketing strategy.
  • Launch marketing campaigns with set budgets.
  • Manage advertising budgets.
  • Manage other marketing team staff members.
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Marketing, Communication or a similar field.
  • 5+ years in a previous marketing role.
  • Ability to manage a team.
  • Ability to manage multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Ability to speak with clients and customers.
This role and job position will report directly to the Chief Marketing Officer.

Before turning this job description into a job posting for a job board, you may want to include information regarding your company policies, culture, and equal employment opportunity statement.

Job Description Template:

Job Title:
Marketing Manager

[Job summary]

Responsibilities & Duties:
  • [List 4-5 essential functions of the job role]
  • [List 5+ qualifications including education level, experience level, key skills, and expectations of the job function]
This role and job position will report directly to [job title].
job description template

Job Description Template

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