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data analyst resume example

Data Analyst resumes should contain prior work examples showing your ability to manage, build software against, and maintain large sets of data. As a Data Analyst, you may be required to not only develop software that helps consume the data for your employees or leaders. But you may be required to build software the grooms the data in accordance with the needs of the engineering team.

Being able to reference key software tools like Hadoop, AWS, NoDB, and other programming languages or "dev-ops" tools will make your resume stand out. Keep your resume focused on what makes data analysis important to you and show your ability to apply it to a business and produce value for that business.

Soft Skills for Data Analyst Resumes

Soft skills are talents that are intangible. They are often described as personal characteristics. But in the setting of the workplace, these characteristics are developed through prior work knowledge. For example, having customer service skills.

Soft Skills that Data Analysts should focus on are those that show your comprehension skills, your analytical skills, and ability to process business insights. Soft Skills should speak to the ways that you use your communication skills to better understand the needs of the business. Then you translate those into hard skills, like writing computer code.

Soft skills that all Data Analysts should have are:

While a soft skill may not directly help your ability to get employed, listing technical skills certainly can help in the data analyst role. Those key skills are a requirement for the position. Be sure to consider how many you list of each on your resume.

Data Analyst Resume Objective

Starting your resume with a resume objective or resume summary is one of the best ways to encapsulate your previous work history in a short statement. This allows your future employer and the resume reader to more quickly scan your resume and comprehend your work history in a short amount of time.

A resume objective and resume summary for a Data Analyst should contain references to both personal and work achievements, references to pieces of software that you may have produced as part of your personal and professional career.

Here is an example of a Data Analyst resume objective that you can place beneath your contact information but before your previous work experience section.

3+ years working as a data scientist and/or data analyst. Proficient in SharePoint, SQL, SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, R, Mongo, MongoDB, and much more. Able to chart and course information paths.

Data Analyst Duties & Responsibilities For Your Resume

When listing previous work experiences, you might not be able to recall all of the duties that you performed while on the job. This may happen when your previous work experience as a Data Analyst was a few months ago or a few years ago.

Here are the general duties and responsibilities that you can list as part of the bullet points under each of your previous work experiences as a Data Analyst.

Data Analyst Resume Sample (Text Version)

Below is a sample resume for a Data Analyst position. In this example, this would be for a worker who has more experience to their name. A hiring manager will prefer to see accomplishments more than descriptions of previous work. But if you don't have any previous accomplishments, your hiring manager will want to know that you comprehend the position and its requirements.

Emily Henderson

3+ years working as a data scientist and/or data analyst. Proficient in SharePoint, SQL, SQLite, MySQL, Postgres, R, Mongo, MongoDB, and much more. Able to chart and course information paths.

Work Experience
Data Analyst
Trade Group 1
May 2016 - May 2017
  • Monitor daily data and analysis requests.
  • Assist in the development and documentation of data management processes and our standards.
  • Be a facilitator to data to all functional areas of the business.
  • Execute SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Mongo queries in order to uncover data.
  • Work with management to identify projects that data analysis can help guide.
  • Used data science to answer business questions using business data, quantative insights, and statistical analysis.
Data Analyst
Trade Group 2
May 2015 - May 2016
  • Comfortable working with multiple types of database types in order to query large groups of data insights in order to answer business propositions.
  • Set clear objectives with data analysis and write computer code in order to help translate data to insights.
  • Be a key player across multiple business disciplines to help address insights.
  • Perform regular reporting for business leaders.
  • Be an internal consultant and learn new needs of each department and learn how you can use data to better help their work perform.
Skills & Technical Skills
  • Postgres
  • Mongo
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft Sheets
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker

More technical skills upon request.

Soft Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Written skills
  • Coordination skills
  • Research skills
  • Quantitative skills
  • Qualitative skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Direction following skills
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) Data Engineer Certification
  • Google Data Engineer Certification
  • Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences
  • Certified Analytics Professional
  • Cloudera Certification
  • EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA)
Stanford University
Computer Science
May 2011 - May 2014

Data Analyst Resume Example (PDF)

data analyst resume example


Job seeker questions.

Should I use a resume builder?

If you have never had any prior work experience, a resume builder can help. Pick a format that's clean, doesn't use many colors, and stays focused on listing your experience or accomplishments and professional experience. It can be helpful to see a resume example using a builder to get you into the process of writing your own.

What resume keywords should I use for a data analyst job?

Try not to overuse keywords. But if you're going to focus on keywords in your resume, pick technical skills. That would be software and tools that help you stand out as a candidate. These data analyst skills are specific to the role and job function.

Is the resume summary the same as a career objective?

Yes. Our sample is the same. Though, if you have prior work experience, try writing accomplishments versus a summary statement. An analyst resume should always describe what you've been able to achieve for the business. It shows you have the skill as an analyst to be able to comprehend business objectives and translate them into insights.

Is this a good data scientist resume example?

The resume sample provided is great for a data scientist as well, yes. Though, you should change the technical skills and programming languages that you comprehend.

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