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A data analyst is a professional who transforms and models data and information with the goal of discovering useful business information and conclusions that can help support decision-making within a business. In this sense, a data analyst is someone who performs business analysis using data models and data transformations.

A data analyst is sometimes referred to as a data scientist, financial analyst, business analyst, research analyst, or investment analyst.

Data Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Below is a cover letter example for a data analyst.

Luke Beld
Data Analyst

May 1st, 2013

Dear Hiring Manager —

I’m writing with regard to the open data analyst position. I’d like to mention a few components of my resume summary that I feel are appropriate for the job description that was posted. Primarily, the use of technical skills and computer skills to assist with the analysis of data, market conditions, competitive analysis, and more.

Throughout my previous work experience, I’ve used machine learning, computer programming, data analytics, and other modern programming skills to practice data science and data analysis for investment banking and other sectors. Quantitative research is a benefit to any industry. Through experience at a previous employer, I was able to witness how data analytics was able to help guide business decisions. We used these skills both internally as well as for a major client.

I noticed the emphasis on technical skills being a qualification for the job applicant. And I’d like to show three to five different scenarios where data was a resource to each previous employer I worked with, during our job interview.

I’ve included my data analyst resume and letters of recommendation from previous employers. I look forward to speaking with you regarding this position.

Luke Beld
Data Analyst Cover Letter

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Data Analyst Cover Letter Template

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