Rules for internal meetings

Rules for internal meetings

I'm always surprised how ineffective meetings can be. I'd love to propose these rules to small teams.

1. Every objection or concern must be followed by an equal solution to that objection. Example: "The web site is bad" says Jeff. My meeting format — "The Web site is bad, but here's an idea to fix it" says Jeff.

2. Every debate must contain statistics or analysis. Absolutely no bias or general concern without supportive facts.

3. Start every new conversation with the goal, then the problem, then a potential solution or solicitation of open forum solutions.

4. Everyone (regardless of title) must recommend one thing they can execute towards the decided tasks [inside this meeting] if present.

5. Every meeting should end with "How does everyone feel about what we've decided?" And rate it 1 through 10. Or thumbs up, down, middle.

If these rules are not upheld, the meeting is not met and/or the persons who cannot uphold them does not attend. If this format is not kept by any present persons, said persons comments are disregarded.

Morgan: What makes you feel confident? Reid: Statistics. — Criminal Minds

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