Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample

sales manager cover letter

When creating your cover letter for a sales manager position, it is vital to not only display your history in sales and marketing but also in management. As you will be leading a team of people, so combining social-focused skills with your proficiency in marketing and sales will be a great way to help you stand out from the crowd. Researching the company's products is also highly encouraged, as you will be able to relate it to your previous experiences.

What Makes a Good Sales Manager Cover Letter

To begin creating your cover letter, emphasize your ability to both work in and lead a team. Knowing how to collaborate with others and move projects forward will be the best way to help yourself stand out. Once you've displayed your ability to work with a team, you will need to showcase your sales skills. This includes previous experience, any promotions or accolades you've attained from meeting sales goals, and any communications training you may have.

Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample

Below is a sample of what your cover letter should after using our cover letter template below. Our cover letter templates are standardized. All cover letters should be simple, impactful, well-written, proofread, and readable.

Jill Sanders
Sales Manager

June 1st, 2015

Dear Mr. Johnson —

I am so excited to apply for the position of sales manager, having seen your recent job posting online. I believe that my previous experience in sales, my strong leadership and organization skills, and my ability to think innovatively make me a strong candidate for the role.

During my previous role, I built four years of experience in sales, first as an assistant but quickly skyrocketing to a manager position after meeting and exceeding my company's financial goals for the year. Though this all happened very quickly, I never stopped maintaining my ability to stay organized and work quickly, all while maintaining constant communication with the rest of the sales team.
I also very firmly believe in customer service and making sure they come away from any transaction completely satisfied by the experience and more than willing to engage with us in the future. Networking has always been a skill I've fostered, both professionally and socially, as I believe good relationships are the key to making a great sale. As evidence of this, positive mentions of my previous company increased by 20% on our social platforms after my promotion to the sales manager position.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration while reading this cover letter. I look forward to having the opportunity to interview with you and learn more about your company.

Jill Sanders
Sales Manager Cover Letter

Using a Sales Manager Cover Letter Template

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Sales Manager Cover Letter Template

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