Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Sample

nurse practitioner cover letter

Creating a Nurse Practitioner cover letter is a matter of showcasing many facets of yourself. In addition to the qualifications one would expect to see in a cover letter, such as education and previous experience in the field, you also want to make sure your compassionate side is on full display. After all, as both a caregiver to patients and someone who needs to work collaboratively with a larger team, the hiring committee needs to know that your social skills are excellent and that you can work well with many different kinds of people.

What Makes a Good Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter

To create a nurse practitioner cover letter that truly stands out, you need to highlight your essential qualifications, both in terms of skills and education and personality traits that will make you an asset to any team. As a starting point, make sure to highlight how long you have been practicing and any academic and professional accomplishments you've accumulated so far. From there, you can dive into your approach to dealing with patients, including your bedside manner and critical thinking skills.

Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Sample

Below is a sample of what your cover letter should after using our cover letter template below. Our cover letter templates are standardized. All cover letters should be simple, impactful, well-written, proofread, and readable.

Jill Sanders
Nurse Practitioner

June 1st, 2015

Dear Mr. Johnson —

With over seven years of experience in the health industry, I am so excited for the opportunity to apply for the recently posted nurse practitioner position. As a fully accredited and licensed nurse, my extensive knowledge base, my previous contributions to high-quality projects, and my interpersonal skills make me the ideal candidate for this role.

Since my university graduation nearly a decade ago, I have not only brought my top-notch education with me into the field but gained significant real-world experience, making me an asset to any medical facility. In my previous role as one of two team leaders, it was not only my role to interact with patients, but to act as a guiding force for the team as a whole, which included spearheading special research initiatives and mentoring new staff members. I am a thoughtful and independent worker, with the compassion and drive to bring the best treatment forward for my patients.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration while reading this cover letter. I look forward to having the opportunity to interview with you and learn more about your company.

Jill Sanders
Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter

Using a Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Template

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Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Template

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