Restaurant Manager Resume Example

restaurant manager resume example

Restaurant Manager resumes should contain references to operational examples working within an eating establishment. A Restaurant Manager is more than just a manager. They are an operator of that establishment. Knowing how to address reporting, how to increase sales, revenue, quality of food, as well as increase labor, is all part of the job.

Having prior Assistant Manager experience will help your resume stand out as it implies some guidance and mentoring that the new employer will be able to benefit from. If you don't have that mentorship, you can speak to your understanding of what's required of your role in your cover letter or within prior work experience.

Soft Skills for Restaurant Manager Resumes

Soft skills are talents that are intangible. They are often described as personal characteristics. But in the setting of the workplace, these characteristics are developed through prior work knowledge. For example, having customer service skills.

Soft skills that Restaurant Managers should focus on leadership, the ability to lead a team, and your operational experience. Soft skills that speak to leadership would be anything that motivates and inspires others. While being able to provide direction and present business outcomes you are seeking as a leader or manager.

Soft skills that all Restaurant Managers should have are:

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective

Starting your resume with a resume objective is one of the best ways to encapsulate your previous work history in a short statement. This allows your future employer and the resume reader to more quickly scan your resume and comprehend your work history in a short amount of time.

A resume objective for a Restaurant Manager should contain references to both personal and work achievements, references to previous retail or restaurant experience showing your comprehension of the restaurant operations and its needs.

Here is an example of a Restaurant Manager resume objective that you can place beneath your contact information but before your previous work experience section.

5+ years in hospitality management. Ability to motivate staff. Up to date with state food regulations and standards. Comfortable in multiple disciplines. Able to operate a business.

Restaurant Manager Duties & Responsibilities For Your Resume

When listing previous work experiences, you might not be able to recall all of the duties that you performed while on the job. This may happen when your previous work experience as a Restaurant Manager was a few months ago or a few years ago.

Here are the general duties and responsibilities that you can list as part of the bullet points under each of your previous work experiences as a Restaurant Manager.

Restaurant Manager Resume Example (Text Version)

Below is a sample resume for a Restaurant Manager position. In this example, this would be for a worker who has more experience to their name. Having the ability to speak to prior Restaurant Manager positions.

Emily Henderson

5+ years in hospitality management. Ability to motivate staff. Up to date with state food regulations and standards. Comfortable in multiple disciplines. Able to operate a business. More than 10+ years in hospitality and have familiarity with the restaurant industry.

Work Experience
Restaurant Manager
May 2016 - May 2017
  • Used good judgement to make fast decisions and ensure business is being done with efficiency.
  • Supervised employees on a daily basis and ensure a fair and dignified work environment is made.
  • Drove quality and legal standards across all chef-driven functions of the business.
  • Prepared, reported on and managed all cash banks.
  • Second professional placement in hospitality industry.
Assistant Restaurant Manager
Outback Steakhouse
May 2015 - May 2016
  • Assisted with the interviewing, hiring and training of qualified employees.
  • Promoted teamwork among the co-workers and staff that you manage.
  • Assigned and ensure employee workstations are effective.
  • Became proficient in most of the job functions required to operate the business.
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • POS System Familiarity
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Gmail and Google Products
Soft Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Operational skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Written communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
Clonlara Highschool
May 2011 - May 2014

Restaurant Manager Resume Example (PDF)

restaurant manager resume example

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