Custodian Resume Example

custodian resume example

Custodian resumes should reference previous custodial or maintenance experience that supports your understanding of what's required of you on the job. Any previous job experience where you can describe the duties you performed and the outcomes it produces, even in a hygiene or safety precaution way can be very impactful to your future employer.

As a Custodian, your future employer wants to know that you'll have no problem taking direction, following direction, and showing great respect to the work that you'll be performing. While others may look at custodial work without respect, it is your duty to keep corporate campuses clean, clear, and safe for all workers who are involved with the business.

For business owners, property owners, and maintenance managers, this is a very helpful concept to communicate in your cover letter, resume, and resume objective.

Soft Skills for Custodian Resumes

Soft skills are talents that are intangible. They are often described as personal characteristics. But in the setting of the workplace, these characteristics are developed through prior work knowledge. For example, having customer service skills.

Soft skills that Custodians should focus on would be attention to detail, ability to take direction, ability to follow direction, ability to self-manage and direct your time. In addition, any skills that might show you care about the grounds you're working on, such as respect skills or patience can be impactful as well.

Soft skills that all Custodians should have are:

Custodian Resume Objective

Starting your resume with a resume objective is one of the best ways to encapsulate your previous work history in a short statement. This allows your future employer and the resume reader to more quickly scan your resume and comprehend your work history in a short amount of time.

A resume objective for a Custodian should contain references to the job duties and responsibilities as well as any previous experience that shows your familiarity with keeping corporate grounds in tact. This may be general safety following procedures to hygiene and waste control.

Here is an example of a Custodian resume objective that you can place beneath your contact information but before your previous work experience section.

High School Diploma. 3+ years as a custodian in a large 20,000 sqft commercial building. Ensured the safety of all of our guests whenever performing maintenance. That includes polishing of floors, sweeping, vacuuming and providing a clean working environment..

Custodian Duties & Responsibilities For Your Resume

When listing previous work experiences, you might not be able to recall all of the duties that you performed while on the job. This may happen when your previous work experience as a Custodian was a few months ago or a few years ago.

Here are the general duties and responsibilities that you can list as part of the bullet points under each of your previous work experiences as a Custodian.

Custodian Resume Example (Text Version)

Below is a sample resume for a Custodian position. In this example, this would be for a worker who has more experience to their name. Having the ability to speak to prior Custodian positions.

Brian Johnson

High School Diploma. 3+ years as a custodian in a large 20,000 sqft commercial building. Ensured the safety of all of our guests whenever performing maintenance. That includes polishing of floors, sweeping, vacuuming and providing a clean working environment.

Work Experience
Apple, Inc
May 2016 - May 2017
  • Replenished all bathroom supplies.
  • Kept all building in clean and orderly condition to ensure the safety of our guests.
  • Performed any organizational custodian needs, including manage our custodial closet.
  • Kept working instruments free and clear of our guests to ensure their safety.
Microsoft EI
May 2015 - May 2016
  • Performed regular groundskeeping, general cleaning, floor polishing, bathroom sanitation and help setup for special events.
  • Kept track of trash bigs, recyclables and receptacles to ensure they are cleaned and taken care of.
  • Cleaned and sanitized all appropriate areas including lobby's, phones, fixtures, walls, windows and much more.
  • Swept, mopped and vacuummed all common areas including bathrooms.
Soft Skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-motivation skills
  • Safety skills
  • Social skills
  • Customer experience skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Custodial skills
  • Direction taking skills
  • Direction following skills
  • Direction giving skills
  • Hygiene skills
St.Charles East High School
May 2011 - May 2014

Custodian Resume Example (PDF)

custodian resume example

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