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A resume (or sometimes referred to as a curriculum vitae) is a professional document used by a person to present their career background, hard skills, soft skills, and accomplishments to a potential employer. A resume has a variety of uses for the author, but the most common use case is for new employment. A typical resume contains a summary, previous job experience, education, certifications, and relevant contact information for the author.

Resume Format

There are three types of resume formats:

Inside a Resume

A professional resume contains these main components and sections:

Tip: The "perfect resume" will never exist. A readable and well-articulated professional resume will be more impactful and beneficial to the hiring manager than a creative resume that uses unique fonts, colors, and layouts to grab the reader's attention.

A professional resume should be one page in length or two pages for executives who have 15 years or more of experience. For the common job seeker, with an average experience level, the resume will be one page in length.

An Effective Resume

A winning resume is personalized to the job description, job title, company, and hiring manager (or recruiter). To create a personalized resume, a job seeker may need to edit relevant experience, career achievements, and skills to align with the job description and company culture before submitting the job application.

The best place for a job seeker to grab the attention of the reader and entice a job interview is in the career objective portion of the resume. This accompanies information or stories shared in the cover letter. But shouldn’t repeat those stories.

For example, in a Sales resume, a traditional resume objective may look like the following:

10+ years of prior sales experience. Worked closely with Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and other technology leaders. Led a team of 15 sales professionals and territory managers. Held annual sales conferences. This is my dream job.

A more effective career objective for a job search uses achievements to display experience level. For example:

Met 90% of sales goals on an annual basis. My sales team hit 40% lead generation year over year, resulting in a close rate of roughly 10%. Brought these results into Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe. Utilized sales automation techniques to reach territory targets.

Using a resume template or resume builder can be a helpful way to ensure all criteria are met for the type of position applied to. Though, each resume sample should be highly customized for the company, job title, hiring manager, and work history.

Best Resume Layout for 2020

This resume layout is simple, focuses on prior work achievements, and provides the hiring manager with what’s most important in making a hiring decision. Below is a sample resume:

best resume layout example for 2020

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Resume Examples

Professional resume examples and writing guides are available for these positions:

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