Basketball Coach: What They Do, How to Become One

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As a basketball coach, it will be your job to guide athletes of various ages in developing their skills and ensuring both personal success and overall success as a team. While the path to becoming a basketball coach may vary depending on whom you are coaching, there are some key things you always need to keep in mind.

What Does A Basketball Coach Do?

In addition to helping create the strategy for a winning basketball team, a coach must also focus on training every player. Focusing on player advancement includes assessing where the athletes need work and helping to guide them through a training program, recruiting new players to the team that align with team tactics, and organizing practice sessions.

How To Become A Basketball Coach

In-depth knowledge of basketball is a must-have if you want to become a coach for the sport. Your knowledge base should not only include knowing what is happening in the world of professional basketball but keeping up to date on what other local teams are doing as well.From a skills standpoint, communication is vital. Not only will you be working with multiple players at the same time, but as part of the recruiting aspect of the job, you will be regularly in contact with new people. Being able to get your information across clearly and effectively is a necessity for any coach.

Being a coach is also partially a management role. Showing that you have the leadership skills to back up your basketball knowledge will also help you stand out from the crowd when a hiring committee is looking at potential applicants. Real-world management experience will enhance your application as well.

Volunteering and community involvement will also be extremely helpful in getting you hired for a basketball coach position. Not only will this show that you have experience working with the public, but if you act as a volunteer coach for a community sports team, it will help you hone your skills and become a better coach overall—even if this is only a part-time position.

Certifications Or Licensure Requirements

The requirements will change depending on the level of the basketball team you are coaching. However, having a bachelor's degree is typically seen as essential no matter what age group with which you are working. For a younger team, an education degree looks especially useful on an application, as you are not only guiding them to become a winning team but teaching them about the sport itself.

Further, continuing with the idea of coaching a basketball team aimed at students or through a school, CPR certification is an excellent qualification to have on your resume. Not only will this prepare you for an emergency, but it will also allow parents and fellow educators to feel secure with you in the coaching position.

For higher-level coaching, including college teams, having a master's degree is seen as essential, mainly if it is in sports science or kinesiology. Knowing how the human body works and how to get it to function in top form will help you better guide your players through their training and game days.

How Can I Find A Basketball Coach Job?

The Internet is your best friend when it comes to finding a job as a basketball coach. To start with, look into specialty websites and job boards that focus on posts within the world of sports. It will not only reveal open positions near you but give you a sense of the popularity of sports in your area or community. It will also help you learn which organizations to reach out to while you hunt for a job.

Traditional job boards like Indeed and Monster will also have basketball coach listing posted for open local positions, as well as coaching roles nearby if relocating or a longer commute time doesn't bother you.

If you are looking to coach students, check the website of your local school board. If they don't have open positions listed, they will be able to better direct you to where to find coaching position postings. They may appear on a separate website, or you may need to get an email address or phone number to reach out for more information.

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