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line cook resume example

Line Cook resumes should contain references to your knowledge of the safety requirements, general line cook operations, and chef requirements that are necessary to drive an incredible dining experience for patrons. Your focus should be on kitchen operations and ensuring that your hiring manager comprehends you have sufficient kitchen operation experience to be hired.

Line Cooks are the key players in a kitchen environment and are responsible for prepping food and plating dishes. Line Cooks will often be placed in a specific position along the line usually starting and vegetable prep and working towards grilling. the duties include preparing food and maintaining proper kitchen sanitation.

What Makes a Good Line Cook Resume?

When you develop a resume to become a Line Cook, it should highlight your ability to prepare ingredients and assemble the dishes on a restaurant menu. A few skills that you may want to include are your ability to work in different kitchen positions, including a grill position, or cold food position, or even dishwashing. Although it's not necessary, culinary school is always an asset to the chef in charge of the kitchen you apply to.

Soft Skills for Line Cook Resumes

Soft Skills that Line Cook candidates should focus on would be coordination abilities, direction taking abilities, and any other skills that would be applicable to playing a part in the kitchen operations. As a Line Cook, you will be focused on one particular station within the kitchen. Showing skills that support your idea of playing a small part in a big wheel will surely help your resume stand out.

Soft skills that all Line Cook positions should have would be described as:

Line Cook Resume Objective

Starting your resume with a resume objective is one of the best ways to encapsulate your previous work history in a short statement. This allows your future employer and resumes reader to more quickly scan your resume and comprehend your work history in a short amount of time.

Here's an example of a Line Cook resume objective:

Energetic, and highly-trained cook with over five years of culinary experience seeking a line cook position in a high paced and high-quality establishment. My current portfolio of recipes and understanding if culinary practices and procedures make me an excellent candidate in the open position in your kitchen.

Line Cook Duties & Responsibilities For Your Resume

When listing previous work experiences, you might not be able to recall all of the duties that you performed while on the job. This may happen when your previous work experience as a Line Cook was a few months ago or a few years ago.

Here are the general duties and responsibilities that you can list as part of the bullet points under each of your previous work experiences as a Line Cook. Here are the duties you will see on the job description.

Line Cook Resume Example (Text Version)

Below is a sample resume for a Line Cook position. In this example, this would be for a worker who has more experience to their name. Having the ability to speak to prior Line Cook positions.

Michelle Smith

Energetic, and highly-trained cook with over five years of culinary experience seeking a line cook position in a high paced and high-quality establishment. My current portfolio of recipes and understanding if culinary practices and procedures make me an excellent candidate in the open position in your kitchen.

Work Experience
Line Cook
Wrigley's Itlian Eatery
May 2016 - May 2017
  • Helped aid in reviewing and developing the restaurant menu to be more accommodating for modern health trends, and dietary restrictions.
  • Ensured proper health and safety procedures in accordance with the state health departments standards and requirements.
  • Responsible for training newer line cooks while progressing through the ranks of the kitchen.
Line Cook
Jimmy's Pizzeria
May 2015 - May 2016
  • Safely prepared and stored meats and vegetables for other line cooks prior to the start of their shifts.
  • Assembled salads and aided in the grill area during high-volume hours.
  • Followed daily opening and closing procedures.
Soft Skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Detail oriented skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Influence skills
  • Motivational skills
Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts & Sciences
Uni University
Ithaca, NY, 2010

Apprenticeship, 2011

Award for Academic Achievement and Culinary Excellence - 2009

Professional Cook Certification Program

Line Cook Resume Example (PDF)

line cook resume example

Line Cook FAQ

Common questions from job seekers.

What resume writing tips would you suggest for a Line Cook?

Keep your resume focused on your ability to serve the head chef, executive chef, pantry cook, or chef de partie. Your job as a line cook is to be part of the team. And play an integral role to complete orders and serving meals. Your resume should speak to that support system you can provide.

What are the best resume skills for a Line Cook?

Coordination ability, direction taking ability, and verbal communication skills are very important.

Should this change if I am a Line Cook in a pastry team?

No. Your duties would stay the same.

If there's a keyword I should use in my resume, what is it?

Food! Bring up the word food as many times as you can. It is all about serving incredible dining experiences. And your ability to prepare food, cook food, serve food, and ensure food quality is the most important thing that can be on your resume.

Are there job boards for Line Cooks?

The best job board for a Line Cook would be

What is a career objective?

A career objective is similar to the resume statement that we provided in this free resume template. An objective might state what you're desiring as a candidate versus what you can provide as a candidate. That's the only difference between a career objective and a resume summary or statement.

Should I use professional resume writers to create my resume?

Before you decide to use resume writers, try to write your resume yourself. The process of writing your resume can be therapeutic and can help you understand where you feel potential gaps are in your resume. And that can be beneficial in communicating to resume writers where you need their help. Try to create a resume on your own, first!

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