Advertising Sales Representative Job Description

Advertising sales representatives are responsible for selling a media company's advertising space as a means of generating revenue. Advertising sales representatives approach other brands and companies, offering them the opportunity to purchase advertising real-estate such as air time, billboard space, or an area on a newspaper page.

Advertising Sales Representative Job Description Sample

We're looking to hire advertising sales representatives to help drive our company's advertising revenue. Applicants will be expected to reach out to business leads via phone or email to build an interest in advertising with the company. Successful advertising sales representatives are also responsible for scheduling meetings with the executives of other companies and closing advertising sales.

Advertising Sales Representative Salary

Advertising sales representative wages range from $23,000 to $67,000 yearly. The average salary is $39,000. Advertising sales representatives also commonly work for commission where they earn a percentage of their sales revenue.

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Advertising Sales Representative Job Description
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