5+ Best Medical Scribe Interview Questions & Answers [2020]

medical scribe interview questions

A medical scribe is a professional in a medical, private medical or hospital setting that transcribes medical records or histories for patients. These transitions are used by physicians to understand the patient's medical history and digital records.

When interviewing a medical scribe, you should search for a candidate who has outstanding attention to detail, can work long hours, has impeccable attention to detail and has professional bedside manner which displays the ability to work alongside physicians and patients.

Medical Scribe Interview Questions

What is your medical transcription process like?

Shows the candidates understanding of the medical scribe role and their previous work experience.

What is your process for recording medical examination findings?

Shows more detailed understanding of the candidates hands-on experience and their understanding of the role in a medical setting.

What are HIPAA laws and why do we follow them?

Shows the candidate has a HIPAA certification and has had previous in-hospital or medical facility training and experience to know how to follow the guidelines.

How would you ensure patients feel secure and comfortable?

Shows the candidate has a keen understanding of the social skills and personable skills required in order to make patients feel at home and comfortable.

How would you work alongside physicians?

Shows that the candidate has the ability to comprehend the requirements and needs of physicians and doctors to better facilitate the medical practice workflow or physicians workflow.

What do you do in the event you made a transcription mistake?

Shows the candidates previous work experience and their ability to calibrate prior mistakes.

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