5+ Best HR Assistant Interview Questions

An HR Assistant is a professional who helps the Human Resources team and team leads. They work as administrators and multidisciplinary professionals within the team and unit. An HR Assistant may spend their days ensuring that new employees are familiar with all of their healthcare-related benefits or employment-related contracts. And ensuring that all contracts related to employment are signed.

A typical situation where an HR Assistant is beneficial is when a new job candidate is offered employment. The employment agreement is packaged up and sent to the candidate by the HR Assistant who can answer any questions that job candidate may have and then helps ensure the document or contract is signed before they begin their training process.

The ideal candidate of an HR Assistant is one that understands the clerical and administrative requirements of the HR or Human Resources department. And can facilitate a smooth operating environment where employees benefit from a well-functioning Human Resources team.

HR Assistant Interview Questions

How can you help the Human Resources team?

This interview question helps you understand whether or not the candidate has the ideal amount of previous hands-on experience as an HR Assistant.

If a team member comes to you asking to file a formal complaint against another employee, what is the process?

This question provides you insight into the candidate's understanding of following both federal and local laws when it comes to two employees filing a formal complaint against one another, which would lead to potential termination. This is indicative of the employee understanding how to handle HR situations for the company.

What types of documents or contracts would you be overseeing?

This question allows you to understand the candidate's background and prior situational experiences. For example, knowing what types of contracts they were exposed to shows you what type of work they may have been performing in the past.

How do you ensure that employees understand their benefits?

Shows their communication skills and ability to think about the companies needs as they execute their work.

Why are employee benefits so important?

Shows their understanding of the Human Resources department and why it is beneficial to have within a corporate business.

How would you communicate with all of the teams within the organization?

Shows their understanding of teamwork and how to connect the Human Resources department with the rest of the organization.

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