Art Teacher Interview Questions

An Art Teacher is a professional found within a High School or Elementary School. They are professionals who provide young adults with creative and artistic learning comprehension. They provide art history knowledge as well as creative arts knowledge to students. They are an integral part of the education system as they allow for "right-brain" thought to exist in a school system that is very much "left-brain" thinking (Math, Science, etc.).

Ideal Art Teacher candidates should know what's required to conduct a safe and high-quality in-classroom experience as well as be able to conduct art experiments and art projects that influence the minds of young adults. Candidates should have a keen understanding of how to mitigate in-classroom disagreements and be able to control their student body.

Art Teacher Interview Questions

How do you control in-classroom experiences?

This question ensures that the Art Teacher candidate has a firm understanding of what's required to conduct a general in-classroom experience for the student body. This includes ensuring students are in attendance, recording attendance and controlling homework or deadlines.

What would you do if two students are having a disagreement and it becomes a potentially hostile situation?

This question provides you insight into the Art Teachers' previous hands-on experience and if they have dealt with students who are in disagreement. And knowing how to handle these types of situations based on state or local guidance.

What types of art projects would you expose students to?

This questions shows you whether or not the candidate has the ability to develop new ideas for the student body or if they have previous experience to be able to translate previous art projects or art history projects for new students.

What types of art history subject matter would you expose students to?

Shows their understanding of the role in particular.

How would you follow the state-issued guidance and curriculum?

Shows their understanding of driving education based on the local guidance from school administrators.

What are some ways you would work with other faculty to drive a great educational experience?

Shows their ability to work as a team, communicate with other faculty, and plan the general student body needs.

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