The Perfect Thank You Email for 2020 (Template Included)

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Writing a thank you email after an interview is going to increase your chances of securing a job, plain and simple. It causes the interviewer to recall your interview session after them having multiple interviews and forces them to recall you as a candidate.

An interview thank-you email or thank-you note can certainly help in the interviewer's decision-making process. It shows you know how to conduct yourself professionally, can force the hiring manager to remember action items they needed to take with your candidacy and ensure you've been informed of next steps in the hiring process.

thank you email after an interview

What Should Your Thank-You Note Say

The best thank-you email or thank-you note reminds the interviewer of the positive parts of your interview session. This could be a shared connection you had. Or a part of the conversation that you felt the hiring manager was particularly passionate about.

As you customize your message to the hiring manager, here are the reactions you should be aiming for:

If you covered some of these in your interview questions and answers, then it’s not necessary to recap them in your email. Your goal is to remind your interviewer of these aspects of your interview, not to correct them.

When To Send Your Thank-You Email or Letter

You should always send your thank you email after your interview within 24 hours of your interview date and time. If you interviewed on a Friday, you should still send your email on a Saturday.

If you interviewed during the week, be sure to send your email anywhere between 11 am and 1 pm. This is when your interviewer has the highest chance of seeing your email.

What Your Thank You Email Subject Line Should Say

The subject line should be customized, as well. You want to refer to a special moment you shared in the interview. For example, if you both shared the passion for comic books, your email subject line should be, “A thank you from the comic book guy/gal”

This is a great way to remind the interviewer of the time you shared together. Try to use something that stood out to you as a method of causing memory recall to your interviewer.

If you don’t have anything, here are some simple subject lines that will get their attention:

If you aren’t convinced of these email subject lines, you can try to recall the interviewer's memory of the job interview by using the job title you’re applying for. Like the following:

What Types of Interviews Should You Send a Thank-You Note For

There are a few types of interviews, informational interviews, behavioral interviews, pre-screen interviews, on-site interviews, and more.

You should send a thank you email for each of these types of interviews. Our email templates are applicable to these types of interviews:

Including Questions in Your Email

Including questions as part of your email can promote a response from your interviewer and show your passion for the position to the employer.

Be sure that you express your gratitude for being considered for the opportunity, then have one to two questions either about the company or the position that the recruiter or hiring manager can respond to. Be sure these questions show your excitement for the position.

For example, “How soon is the team expected to achieve their Q2 marketing goals?”

Another example question might be, “When do you expect to be making a hiring decision for this role?” or “Are you hiring for any other roles that I might be applicable for? I’d love to be part of this company!”

These types of follow-up questions are very helpful for showing your professional experience and general enthusiasm for the company.

Email or Handwritten Note?

Sending a handwritten note or thank-you card might sound like a great idea. But it takes time for that to be received by your interviewer. While this is a nice method, it’s not ideal.

Snail mail is just too slow.

Instead of sending a thank-you card, you could send your interviewer a small gift. Something creative and applicable to the job, like a nice pen or notepad.

Combine this with your more immediate email and you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Thank You Email Length

Your email should be an email, not a letter. You should never write more than 350 words. If you’re considering writing a letter and attaching that to your email, don’t.

If you had something you wanted to express to the interviewer, you should have done it in the phone interview or on-site interview. Your thank-you email is intended to revitalize the conversation you shared with the hiring manager. Nothing more.

Job seekers make the mistake of thinking their thank you email should promote reasons for why they should be hired. This is incorrect.

Email Tips and Strategies

Do’s and don’ts when writing your email:

Thank You Email Template for 2020

Subject line: From one comic book lover to another

John —

I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday. You did a fantastic job of walking me through the role and helping me learn more about how my skills will apply to this opportunity.

Like we discussed in the session, I think my experience makes me a great fit for this role and I’m truly excited about the chance of being able to work with the team.

What are some of the objectives for this role within the first 30-days of being employed? And how soon are you looking to make a decision about the role?

Thanks again John, I can’t thank you enough for thinking about me for this opportunity.

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