15+ Work From Home Jobs for 2020 ($30k-$70k)

work from home jobs

Find the best work from home jobs to make extra cash. Many of us want to be able to work from home. It provides us the flexibility to be able to address family needs as well as work on our own hours. This freedom feels like a form of payment.

What are the best jobs to get when you want to work from home? A job where you can work from home is often considered remote work. And remote work or a remote job may require you to log in to online portals during particular times of the day (working hours) and be considered a remote worker.

The list of jobs provided below are intended for those who want full-time employment versus part-time employment. All of the positions listed are for professionals looking to earn a full income versus passive income. Remote employees are more difficult for employers to manage. Employers hire for these positions based on their ability to be autonomous, which means you are in control of the objectives and outcomes you’re able to achieve for the business.

Best Remote and Work From Home Jobs

Below are the best roles for online work and an at-home job.

Travel Agent

As a travel agent, you can advise clients both over the phone and virtually on their travel destinations. You’ll be able to assist with international travel and regional travel plans and booking.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you’ll be able to work from home, usually using tools like Slack or JIRA that help managers interact with you on your work.

Freelance Writer

Are you a decent writer? Freelance writing is a great opportunity to work from home. Many companies are looking for content marketing strategies and content writers to help with their online businesses. As a freelancer, you’ll be able to manage your own time and deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Customer Service Manager

Helping with customer service and being either a customer service manager or customer service representative can be very easy to do from home. Normally tracked through online portals and phone calls, this is one of the job opportunities that are perfect for new graduates and professionals who want flexibility. This is a valuable job ensuring the customer service experience is work-class.

Medical Transcriptionist

Completing online medical transcribing work is now possible. You don’t need to be present in a medical facility in order to complete this work. As a transcriptionist, you may need to have a degree in order to do this work. But it’s one of the better jobs that you can do from home.

Case Manager

A case manager will investigate claims for a variety of industries. this could be for insurance or health care. And can be something that’s done from home with little effort. Mostly research and data entry oriented.


Being a general transcriptionist is another great job to do from home. You’ll be able to transcribe video to audio and book freelance work through a variety of online portals like fiverr.com.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a more difficult job. And recently it has been advertised to those who want to work from home. Don’t be fooled, making money in this game isn’t the easiest. You’ll need to develop a number of marketing skills in order to be successful in this role.

Web Designer

Have design skills? Or graphic design skills? Can you transition them into work for the internet? If so, you’ll be able to get freelance work easily and start a web design career building interactive designs for web, mobile, applications, and more.

Instagram Influencer

Another difficult job to obtain, but is possible. Much like affiliate marketing, you’ll need to develop some skills in order to truly be hired in this role. But it’s a simple way to make extra money on your free time and it can certainly turn into a full-time position.

Social Media Manager

Are you familiar with growing an audience on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media presences? If so, being a social media manager can be something you’ll get paid highly for. Knowing how to create Facebook ads and develop a content and marketing strategy is perfect for companies to hire remote employees for.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can help with a variety of administrative needs. This is a role that can be hired fro anywhere in the country. Consider yourself a receptionist or administrator? If so, this can be a role you can do remotely, too.

Work From Home Advisor

A general advisor can be found in a variety of industries. From clinical operations to CPA firms. This job duties of this role are going to vary based on the role and industry you apply for.

Independent Contractor

A general independent contractor is someone who has a skill that others are looking for. Do you do something that’s special? Have a skill that you feel others can’t compete with? Try to market yourself as an independent contractor and find employers who are willing to let you work from home.

Health Insurance Agent

Picking up calls and listening to claims or speaking with hospitals about claims is something you can do from home. In this industry, you may be required to login to special portals that track your work.

Call Center Agent

A call center agent is much like a customer service agent. Though, you may be performing more telephone work than virtual and digital work (by email or text).

Registered Nurse

The registered nurse position is now one that can be done from home. With many private physicians turning to online healthcare provisioning, you may be responsible for looking at clients and patients digitally and then determining their next steps.

Best Remote Job Boards

Below are the best job boards to find remote work and full-time employment Our favorite job board is "We Work Remotely":

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