5+ Best Leadership Interview Questions & Answers

Getting a job as part of senior leadership is not an easy task. You either have to have significant amounts of prior experience, maybe 15+ years or a track record of results that you can properly position your value against. Here are some of the absolute best leadership interview questions and answers I’ve found during performing interviews as well as being involved in the interviews.

What Is Leadership?

Often times leadership refers to a group of executives who are helping to control the companies successes and mitigate its failures in the market. These senior executes are individuals who have operational backgrounds as well as backgrounds in either growing or keeping well-established businesses in the market and relevant. When employees refer to ‘leadership’ they aren’t just talking about managers. They are talking about the highest level of executives at the company. Often times referred to the “C-Suite” as they have the Chief title to their name.

Leadership Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is transformational leadership?

Transformational leadership is when you are encouraging employees to learn how to take on goals that have been set by either myself or the unified company and be able to answer and execute various objectives against achieving those goals. This is very different than transactional leadership.

2. What is transactional leadership?

Transactional leadership is when employees are given a series of tasks and not much insight into the overall objectives of the organization or the initiative they are working on. This limits their perspective but does provide a very clear sense of focus.

3. What is better, transactional or transformational?

Personally I feel transformational is better, unless you are under Sarbanes Oxley or some other type of public company regulation where you can’t share objectives with the broader set of employees. If you aren’t under those scrutinies, then you will be able to use transformational leadership. Ultimately, it allows your employees to be more empowered and let them spend more time finding correct conclusions to difficult answers. This also allows the executive or management team to scale their efforts as employees are generally more autonomous but then aligned to the company objectives.

4. How many quarters are in a year?

There are four quarters in a year. Which are all very important to understand what and when objectives need to be achieved inside of an organization.

5. Why is quarterly planning important?

Being able to correctly transition between long term and short term goals is really important. For example, if a Company has hopes of achieving certain objectives in the next 5 years, we have to understand how each quarter is going to align with those expectations.

6. What is shareholder guidance?

This is the management of expectations. Guidance is when you are being transparent about expected results so that you aren’t promising too much or too little. This allows all shareholders to gain trust in your vision as you continue to align where you expect the company to be at certain dates.

What Are Good Leadership Qualities

The core qualities you want in an executive leader is the ability to demonstrate leadership, communicate a vision, support many disciplines in a business function and be aware of future market conditions.

What Are Good Leadership Skills

Good leadership skills are the ability to manage a P&L, carryout shareholder guidance, hire teams, influence and manage multiple disciplines within the business.

What Are Good Principals For Leadersihp

Good principals for leadership are humility, empathy, and drive. Those three core principals can make for a very strong leader.

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