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project manager cover letter

A project manager is a professional often found within construction services, creative services, and other service-based businesses. A project manager oversees the direction, coordination, efficiency, road mapping, and project management needs.

Depending on the industry, a project manager may have the title of a construction project manager, assistant project manager, digital project manager, technical project manager, senior project manager, program manager, project coordinator, or other project management professional titles.

While communication skills and organizational skills are key skills that are at the core of managing projects, it’s important to think bigger than your fellow candidates. According to The Project Management Institute, what makes a successful project manager is someone who “prevents overtime, sees the big picture, gets buy-in, knows they don’t know everything, has an information network, understands the art of asking questions, and second-guesses themselves to reevaluate their decisions.” These valuable skills for project managers assist in preventing projects from being delayed, ensures prioritization, and anticipates future needs of the customer, team, and management.

When writing a project manager cover letter, it is important to speak to these skills and abilities. Regardless of the industry or company, a hiring manager will be looking for these competencies or characteristics (traits) in a candidate. Using storytelling as a method of communication can be impactful for the hiring manager. It can keep them engaged in the letter and increase the chances of the hiring manager reading the enclosed resume in the job application.

Writing a Project Manager Cover Letter

Before writing a project management cover letter, it is important to collect several career accomplishments that should be presented in the letter. These career accomplishments should be described or told through storytelling. Collect multiple examples of leading efforts as a project manager or practicing the methods of project management.

Next, begin to research the company. Use the job description, job advertisement, company “About Us” page, and other resources to gain insight into the position's requirements. Build a persona of what the ideal candidate looks like for the potential employer. Then begin to cross-reference the career accomplishments against that. Pick the accomplishments that best suit the project manager role and the hiring manager, recruiter, or employer's expectations.

Write the cover letter in active voice style writing. defines active voice as having “a strong, direct, and clear tone.”

Presuming the writing of a sales associate cover letter, the letter should include:

Tip: A great cover letter is one that is written for the employer, rather than for the candidate. Write a unique cover letter for every job application. Job seekers should determine what the employer is looking for in a candidate, then author the cover letter around that.

Depending on the project manager job title, it may be a good idea to refer to certifications. PMP certification and Scrum certifications are among the few that would stand out to the hiring manager. This includes Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster (CSP-SM), and SAFe 4 Scrum Master.

Skills to Reference on the Cover Letter

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides insights on desired traits, skills, and characteristics of project managers in the IT or technology industry.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a similar list of characteristics, traits, and skills for construction project managers:

Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Below is a project manager cover letter example.

Charles Jeffrey
Project Manager

May 1st, 2020

Beth Colts
Apple, Inc.
Hiring Manager

Dear Beth —

I’m writing to apply for the position of Project Manager at Apple. I’ve been a project manager for around 6 years. Through my experience, I’ve been able to deliver more than 10 significant digital projects that have led to more than 30% or more in revenue growth or recurring growth.

One previous experience that I believe aligns well with the role is an experience at Zip Digital. We were researching autonomous vehicles and how they would play a significant role in culture in the future. What we determined was the best way to spend the majority of our time on research, then only a small portion of the time on execution. Since our project was heavily reliant on research, we recorded notes throughout the process and compiled those notes at the end through video and photography. Coordinating this effort was difficult. It required the management of cross-functional teams and an engineer assigned to the research project. Using project management and agile methodologies, we delivered an incredible project to our client, Audi.

I’d love to share more stories like this with you during our interview. I’m available all this week to speak, and I look forward to having the opportunity to learn more about the position.


Project Manager Cover Letter Format

Below is a cover letter format to follow when writing a project manager cover letter.

Contact Information
Phone Number
Email Address
LinkedIn Profile
(Optional) Professional Website

Dear Mr./Mrs. First Last Name

Opening Paragraph
The first paragraph should greet the reader and suggest an understanding of the job requirements. This paragraph should be no more than 150 words.

Second Paragraph
The body paragraph should contain relative work examples and career accomplishments that entice the hiring manager to read the resume.

Closing Paragraph
Thank the reader for their time. Suggest a desire to interview with the company as soon as possible.

Letter Closing
Sincerely/Yours truly

Typed Name or handwritten signature

Project Manager Job Application Email

Below is a project manager job application email where a resume and cover letter are attached.

Subject line: Project Manager Application - Charles Jeffrey

Dear Beth —

I've enclosed a resume and cover letter for the Project Manager position. I have roughly 6 years of experience in the project management role, delivering more than 10 significant digital products and project milestones. All resulting in a nearly 30% increase in revenue or impacting our KPI's by nearly 80%. I have several experiences I'd love to share with you, and I've included them as part of the cover letter.

I look forward to speaking with you about this role.


Project Manager Cover Letter Tips

Below are the best practices when writing a project manager cover letter.

Refer to the reader by name

Speaking directly to the reader can create a highly engaging cover letter. Using a salutation that refers to the reader rather than "Dear Hiring Manager" can make the hiring manager feel like the candidate has spent the time researching the company and who is hiring for the position.

Refer to on the job experience

Telling stories is a great way to ensure the reader feels confident in the candidate—stories about difficult management scenarios. Or being able to complete a project before the deadline. Or completing a project after the deadline. Refer to work scenarios that allude to core competencies, characteristics, and abilities as a project manager.

Use career accomplishments

Career accomplishments will make the candidate sound experienced. Referencing completed projects, revenue growth, the happiness of customers, or other measurable metrics can be an impactful way to tell a story without having to go too in-depth. Career accomplishments can be more than revenue figures. Time spent on projects, the amount of savings in a project, or other key metrics should be shared with the cover letter reader.

Demonstrate soft skills and traits

Refer to the job description and company website to gain an idea of what soft skills are required for the job. The best soft skills and traits to demonstrate are listed below.

project manager cover letter example

Using a Project Manager Cover Letter Template

Follow the instructions below to use the project manager cover letter template.

project manager free cover letter template and download

Project Manager Cover Letter Template

Download our cover letter template in Word format. Instant download. No email required.

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