5+ Best Marketing Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

marketing assistant interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best marketing assistant interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your future job interview. The marketing assistant is an absolutely great way to start pursuing a career in marketing. Those who are fresh out of college with a recent diploma may find themselves starting at this entry-level position in hopes of moving up to be a marketing manager or account manager on the marketing side.

What is a marketing assistant

Marketing assistants generally help with the execution of marketing campaigns along with the marketing team, which is directed by the Chief Marketing Officer or CMO of the company. Marketing assistants are there to play a diverse role in assisting with various executions as it relates to advertisements, creative direction, reporting and much more.

Marketing Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is when a marketing initiative gets executed either independently or coupled together with a variety of goals aimed at displaying a product, service or offering to a targeted group of individuals. These individuals would be called the ‘audience’ or potential customers.

2. What are some ways marketers measure success?

There are a variety of ways a marketer may measure success. For digital campaigns things like impressions, clicks, click through rates and conversions are all metrics which measure success. Sometimes ROAS, which stands for return on advertising spend, is a metric used for larger companies who advertise on TV or radio.

3. What are the various types of ways you may market a company?

Digital campaigns are those which are executed mostly by creative direction and computer platforms, such as Google or Facebook. While non-digital campaigns may be present on things like TV, Radio, Billboards, Subways, Buses and much more.

4. Why are billboards still popular for advertising purposes?

Billboards still present a great brand awareness opportunity for most digital companies. As the digital advertising landscape becomes more crowded, companies are still looking for ways to inspire their potential customers to ‘give them a shot.’ Billboards in this way, have seen a resurgence of popularity.

5. Where do most of the advertising dollars go in the United States?

The largest advertising spend in the US still goes towards television. While most people think the landscape has shifted to digital, thanks to companies like Facebook who report strong earnings and use of their advertising platforms, TV still dominates. Many billions of dollars are spent on advertising with TV and The Super Bowl is still one of the highest grossing nights.

6. What does the term quantitative mean?

Quantitate is the term of measuring something with math. Qualitative in comparison is the term of measuring something by feel or by observation.

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