5+ Best Marketing Director Interview Questions & Answers

marketing director interview questions

We’ve compiled the best list of Marketing Director interview questions and answers to help you with your future job interview. Marketing Directors are a key role in the overall marketing campaign development and execution that may be for clients or for internal marketing departments.

What is a marketing director

Generally speaking, Marketing Directors will help in the strategic development of marketing plans, the breakdown of executions that marketing campaign executions, the development of creative assets and the strategic account management that sometimes comes along with the work.

Marketing Directors will often be asked questions related to client relations, strategic planning, and team communication as their main role inside any company sits somewhere in between those.

Marketing director interview questions & answers

1. How do you plan a marketing campaign for a client?

Generally speaking, from a high level, it's very important to understand the type of company you are trying to market. For example, Ulta, a national beauty brand, is going to have a much different set of goals than say Apple Computers will. This is because of the types of products and services those companies are offering and where it makes the most sense to position them in the market. One may be better suited for direct mail while the other is more suited for digital executions.

2. What are some of the ways you understand clients marketing goals?

Going through a series of information gathering sessions, where we can uncover what types of metrics a company is doing well with already and then what types of proactive metrics a company may be trying to achieve. For example, breaking into a particular audience demographic by gender or age would be a common proactive metric.

3. How would you suggest a client uses Snapchat?

Clients should use Snapchat if they have a DTC brand and/or an entertainment based brand that a user can quickly digest, like a trailer. This is because of the attention span on the platform and how short it is for consumers.

4. How would you allocate a clients marketing budget?

A clients allocation should be diversified, even in instances where we know there is a clear winner. This is because you can never anticipate potential changes in the market conditions and having insight is always a winning way to spend budget.

5. What are some employees roles that you would expect to see on your team?

You would expect to have a marketing assistant, an account executive and someone on the billing side.

6. What type of reporting are you going to gather?

Reporting would depend on the client. But CTR’s, which are click-through rates, impressions, conversions, ROAS, and many other types of KPI’s are part of the reporting which should all be gathered and then correlated to the budget allocation and return.

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