5+ Best Janitorial Interview Questions & Answers

janitorial interview questions

We’ve compiled the best list of Janitorial interview questions and answers. Janitors or often referred to as custodians are an integral part of most of our public spaces. They help to preserve our public health through the sanitary nature of our bathrooms and public spaces.

What is a janitor?

Janitors are health specialists who use cleaning solutions to keep public spaces hygienic for use. Public spaces can collect many bacteria and potentially lead to diseases if they are not kept clean. And janitorial services help to prevent these types of situations from occurring. They are an integral part of our everyday life.

Janitorial interview questions & answers

1. What are the cleaning solutions?

Cleaning solutions are chemical agents which help in the killing of bacteria and the prevention of diseases or viruses being spread between humans.

2. Would you wear gloves while cleaning toilets?

You should absolutely wear gloves at all times. You will not know when you encounter something that could be potentially hazardous.

3. What is compost?

Compost is all natural food waste which can be composted. This means there is nothing within the waste which cannot break down into the earth almost immediately.

4. What do you do if you encounter hazardous waste?

You should call a specialist, like the CDC. Or at least speak with a supervisor about who to call when you feel as though you’ve encountered something dangerous.

5. How often should garbage bins be changes?

At least once per day.

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