6+ Best Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

customer service representative interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best list of customer service representative interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming job interview. Customer service representatives are becoming in high demand. As technology has taken over many positions of the past, this has caused the need for technical assistance to become greater. And customer service representatives sit right in the cross-hairs of that opportunity that is beginning to shift in the job market.

What Is A Customer Service Representative?

For the most part, a representative will be the one taking on customer service requests. They are the professionals who are looking through customer service requests, determining the right parties or departments they should go to and then going through the debugging phase of the support request and working with that customer themselves.

Sometimes representatives work by phone, sometimes they work by email and other times its a combination of the two alongside a customer support portal like ZenDesk or in a corporate or finance setting, a secure portal that is licensed on behalf of the company you are working for.

Customer Service Representative Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is the role of customer service?

The role of customer service is to help our customers through moments where our product or service offerings are confusing or potentially not working for them. We are the team that helps facilitate filling gaps in the knowledge or technical literacy hurdles that would be otherwise impossible for our company to anticipate on an individual basis. We are a happiness team.

2. How should you treat your confused customers?

With respect at all times. Most of the time customers coming through support will be confused. It is up to us to use clear information gathering communication to determine what is best for the customer and then guide them through the process as smoothly as possible to resolve their issue.

3. What name should you provide when working with customers?

There are two options that are dependent on the company policies, a fake name that is US Based or your real name if the last name is not given. You want to come across friendly and real, so using a name they are familiar with is vital.

4. When should you alert your product or management team about an interaction that you’ve had with a customer?

There’s a couple of instances where alerting the broader team is important. Particularly, in instances where the customer would like to cancel or close out their relationship to the company offerings. This is really important information for the broader management team to know about. And at what rate that is happening is also important. For example, if we are seeing an acceleration in support requests and an acceleration in the desire to cancel certain services, this is information that should be sent back to leadership.

5. How can you measure your success?

Success can be measured by the number of times we were able to help a customer overcome their problem, the time it took us to do so, the number of support requests filled in a given day/week/month and the overall happiness of our customers, which can be measured through automated surveys.

6. What are ways you should work with your team members?

Collaboration to help find new ways to overcome common customer issues is the best way to collaborate. That way we continue to gather more efficient ways of dealing with and treating our customers that lead to success.

7. How many support tickets should you aim to resolve in a day?

It depends on what type of support requests are being filled. Ideally, for small support requests that take under 30 minutes, at least 10-15 support requests per day, per customer support representative is the right figure. Again, it all depends on the number of support requests, what type of requests, how many representatives are working together and much more.

8. What is a compliance script?

A compliance script is anything related to the before and after a session of the customer interaction. For example, one compliance script may be telling the customer that the session will be recorded for the purposes of the company. That recording is important to get permission from the customer for and the script that is said on my behalf has been checked by the legal team. That means I cannot deviate from the script I must complete it for each session that is started.

Preparing For Customer Support Representative Work

This is a blossoming career move due to the way that humans are changing their interactions with technology. For example, financial institutions are closing most of their branches and going to digital offerings. Meaning that their customer service departments are beginning to grow. This is an opportune time for someone with a great deal of patience and communication skills to find high paying work. There's absolutely management mobility inside of this category as well.

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