5+ Best Library Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best library assistant interview questions and answers. The general role of a library assistant is to help in the overall operations of a library along with the director or lead librarian. The tasks required on a daily basis inside of a library can be quite daunting, especially in larger public libraries with thousands of books that need to be categorized and organized. The assistant helps in the multi-disciplinary roles and tasks that are required to keep the operations of the library in top working order.

In general, the direct report of a library assistant will be the head librarian. Operational tasks may vary depending on the size of the library, the season the library is in and/or the books that are being taken out by the community or members of the library.

Library Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is the role of the library assistant?

The role of the library assistant is to be multifaceted in the approach as well as daily tasks that are being performed. From ensuring that returned books are making their way back into the archive to helping facilitate any community meetings that may be taking place at the library. I am the right hand to the librarian and a peer to my other library assistants.

2. What is your passion for books?

Books hold our culture and species history, without them we’d have nothing. While information has become more digitalized, it's important that we look at books as a way of preserving our history. They speak truths and facts that sometimes the internet cannot provide. We need people who are willing to preserve this information.

3. How do you see a library assistant being successful?

By looking at the overall operations of the library and seeing that we are performing them with the best of success. That means we don’t see books stacked high that is not organized, that means we have room for our community to gather and read books and that means we have a fruitful amount of books that are ready to be checked out.

4. What are some ways a library assistant can fail?

By not being reliable. Not showing up for work or not being passionate about the work we are doing is a few ways the assistant can fail. Without that, the tasks that are performed regularly will become tiresome and that will impact our community and our library.

5. How would you encourage the passion of books to develop amongst younger generations?

By holding readings or some type of community project which the younger generations can gather and learn why books are important to our past, our present and our future. Without explicitly describing it, we may lose the passion that could potentially develop. We have to show younger generations why they should be passionate, not just tell them.

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