5+ Best Bartender Interview Questions & Answers

bartender interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best bartender interview questions and answers for your upcoming job interview. Being a bartender is a truly fun job, its a social position which gets you involved in the hospitality business and gains you experience to be able to move your way up to management or GM positions fairly quickly if you so desire.

What does a bartender do

A bartender is someone who works behind the bar at a cocktail or social atmosphere serving alcoholic drinks. This person is responsible for the regulations that exist within this setting, for example, the identification checking of potentially minor age individuals who are asking for drinks. As well as the production, serving and general good hospitality of the bar and its drinks.

Bartender interview questions & answers

1. What is the role of hospitality?

Hospitality plays a major role in the serving of alcohol. In general, if someone is coming to our bar, they are looking to interact with others. And because of that, I’m their first point of contact in that regard. I want to be friendly, welcoming, insightful and provide them the best customer experience I can possibly provide for their time with us.

2. What is the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

The main difference between bourbon and whiskey is that bourbon is made from corn and whiskey is made from rye. They still both whiskeys but they are produced from a different base. And this gives them an entirely different taste.

3. What do you do when someone asks for a drink we don’t make?

This can be a hard situation. It's important to tell the person that we can attempt to make their drink but it won’t have the quality we put into our other drinks. Providing them the guidance as to what other drink might suffice would be a stronger point to take.

4. How do you encourage customers to keep coming back?

Friendliness, charm, and appreciation for their business. This is something that you have to do. Including keeping a smile on your face and having a good time with the customers.

5. Why do you have a love for a cocktail bar?

I love the cocktail bar setting because it's the last place right now where you can go and have a conversation. Where the cell phone isn’t dominating the environment. That’s a special thing today.

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