5+ Best Legal Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

legal assistant interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best legal assistant interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview. Legal assistants make a great starting point for getting your foot into the door at a law firm. If your plan is to become an attorney or to become a paralegal, this is still a fantastic route to go down.

What is the role of the legal assistant?

Legal assistants generally help with a variety of the executions required on behalf of the law firm and the attorney. For example, filing complains into the city or state. Communicating with clients or preparing all legal documentation and assessments to be in place before the attorney speaks to the client.

Legal assistant interview questions & answers

1. What does LLC stand for?

LLC stands for limited liability company. Which is often a type of company that may be trying to get formed or sometimes transferred into depending on the business owners desires he/she has.

2. What is a legal complaint?

A legal complaint is a robust document that puts together evidence and findings that support the reason for any type of a lawsuit. That could mean a corporate or non-corporate lawsuit. These complaints are usually long in length and contain in-depth analysis on either the defense or offense.

3. Where do legal complaints get filed?

Legal complaints get filed in the state of which you are looking to hold the lawsuit. Meaning, if you are looking to have the legal proceedings happen in Illinois, you will be filing the complaint in Illinois. Often times these complaints are filed in multiple states.

4. What are depositions?

Depositions are recorded testimonies of people who are involved in a trial. This is a session where witnesses or those involved in the lawsuit are asked questions and then answered on camera for the legal proceedings.

5. How do you handle billing?

All billing should happen on a case by case basis with a clear amount of time billed for, usually in an hourly style vs. value-based style.

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