Here's How to Become a Brand Ambassador (Professional Guide)

Here's how to become a brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors are occasionally used by businesses to boost brand recognition and sales. If you like reaching out to and connecting with your community, you could be a good fit for this role. If you're looking for a job that allows you to work from home or has a flexible schedule, becoming a brand ambassador might be a fulfilling career path for you.

how to become a brand ambassador

What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador, also known as a corporate ambassador or influencer, is a professional who promotes a company's products or services by publicly promoting it. Brand ambassadors serve as representatives for a brand, aiming to persuade a community to purchase a product or service. While celebrities used to be the major public brand advocates, virtually anybody can now become an influencer and earn money doing so.

Brand ambassadors can do anything from executing marketing programs to blogging about a product on social media to attending a trade show as a corporate representative.

how to become a brand ambassador

What's the difference between brand ambassador and influencer?

Here are the key differences between a brand ambassador and influencer.

  • Influencers promote your brand by example, whereas brand ambassadors market your brand via word of mouth (telling people about your product) (showing others how they use the product).
  • Short-term connections with influencers are common, while long-term partnerships with ambassadors are more common. Influencers will only promote your company once or twice, whereas ambassadors will do it on a regular basis.
  • Influencers are always compensated in some manner (money or free items) for promoting your business, but brand ambassadors frequently do so at no charge.
  • Influencers can or can not have utilized your product before. All of your ambassadors have already put your product to good use.
  • Influencers are picked for their ability to reach out to a large audience. Ambassadors, on the other hand, are picked based on their existing enthusiasm for a product.
  • Brand ambassadors are dedicated to promoting your company since it already stands out to them. If your product doesn't stand out, some influencers can not choose to promote it at all, especially if they're inundated with promotion requests from many businesses.
  • If you want an influencer to endorse your product, you'll need to contact them first and send them a message with product samples. Ambassadors, on the other hand, are likely to have previously promoted your product before you selected them for your brand ambassador program.

A social media manager, on the other hand, usually runs the company's social media accounts. The ability to truly love the company they're advertising is what separates successful brand ambassadors from the rest.

Similarities between brand ambassadors and influencers

Here are the similarities between a brand ambassador and an influencer:

  • Influencers and brand ambassadors are picked for their authority, whether in a field, inside the company, or over an audience.
  • Brand ambassadors and influencers are hired with the same aim in mind: to spread the word about a product to their respective audiences, resulting in new consumers.
  • Both brand ambassadors and influencers commit to promoting a product in exchange for a fee.
  • Create and distribute content that is relevant to your brand.
  • Both will only advocate the goods that they appreciate.
  • Both must be able to advocate a product with real excitement and authenticity. They must maintain their unique voice while without seeming too "pushy."
  • Both brand ambassadors and influencers aid in the development of new and potential clients' trust in your goods.

What social media or influencer networks should I use?

To find brand partners, look at the following networks:

Online vs. in-person brand ambassadors

Online brand ambassadors generally use social media and the internet to spread the word about a company. An online brand ambassador's typical responsibilities include:

  • Using your social media networks to promote a product.
  • Using online message boards or chat rooms as a source of information.
  • Customer review sites are a great place to start.
  • Using your blog to review a product or service.
  • Using social media tools to invite friends to events.

Commonly, online brand ambassadors use social media platforms to promote products and services. Many brands use their brand ambassador program to raise awareness for their clothing company, small business, or brand.

A successful brand ambassador knows how to use social media to promote their favorite brands. Usually, targeting a particular audience, promoting a discount code, or representing the brand in a professional manner. Sometimes referred to as influencer marketing.

how to become a brand ambassador

In-person brand ambassadors

An in-person brand ambassador can work at a major event such as a conference or marketing event, or they can use conversation to increase brand awareness. An in-person brand ambassador's responsibilities often include:

  • Distributing promotional items such as stickers and posters.
  • Wearing branded uniforms or apparel, such as t-shirts and caps.
  • Samples or product demonstrations at stores or shopping centers.
  • At conferences or other events, setting up and operating tables is a must.

How to become a brand ambassador

Here's how to become a professional brand ambassador.

Discover brands you like

Begin by doing some research on the company you're considering. Companies want influencers that have beliefs, personalities, and brands that are similar to their own. A travel business, for example, could be searching for an ambassador who is sociable and likes traveling, as well as someone with considerable travel experience and photographic abilities. Look at a company's social media postings and find out who their existing influencers are to get a feel of what they want in a brand ambassador.

Look for companies that embody your passions or are relevant to the material you already create. It can be simpler to become an official ambassador for a company or brand if you already openly support them. Being a dedicated follower might also help you stand out when looking for jobs. Make a list of companies that interest you and limit it down to three or four.

Build engagement

Getting likes and comments on your social media postings stimulates interaction and helps you build a positive reputation in your community, which is a fantastic approach to pitch yourself to companies as a possible brand ambassador. This entails developing a following on social media by writing engaging posts and sharing fascinating photographs. Having a big number of likes and comments on social media will make you more appealing to potential companies.

Consider leaving comments on well-known pages or blogs to expand your audience. Another effective approach to growing your online following is to respond to the messages and comments you get on your own page.

Create an online personality

Many brand ambassadors have a distinct and well-defined personality that they show online. Create social media material with a consistent tone, appearance, and range of interests. This might include designing your clothes or capturing photographs that represent a cohesive style or a certain interest, such as a love of travel or a particular musical genre. Companies will be on the lookout for brand ambassadors that can represent them and exude a specific mood.

Get your audience involved

Invite your fans or strangers to share their stories, ask questions, or leave comments, and answer to as many as you can. You can also organize in-person meet-ups with your followers in a public location such as a cafe or shopping center. More followers will be attracted by an engaging, personal touch, and current followers will be more inclined to connect positively with your social media sites.

Build a following

Create as huge a following as possible. Increase the amount of social media subscriptions and followers. You can promote that you will be attending specific events, invite friends, and create an online following to complement your in-person activities even if you are an in-person brand representative. To grow your own following, make connections with other influencers. As a brand ambassador, the more followers you have who engage with the company, the more money you will make.

Contact relevant brands

Once you've decided what kind of brands you'd like to promote, start reaching out to companies that you'd like to promote. Contacting brands will allow you to find out whether they are recruiting and what type of representation they require. You might, for example, write a message to one of the company's social media pages, asking if you could represent them. If they're interested, they'll respond with more information.

Investigate upcoming events in your region for in-person chances. In-person marketing events are frequently held by companys such as consumer technology companies, apparel designers, and alcohol distilleries. At one of these events, approach a brand's reps.

Look for brand ambassador opportunities

While some businesses utilize an informal approach to find brand ambassadors on the internet, others can use a standard job posting and formal online application. Check the company's website's career page to see whether a brand ambassador role is available, or look for openings on online employment boards.

Being a brand ambassador might be a fantastic option for you if you enjoy connecting with a community, establishing a following, and demonstrating your brand commitment. Begin by working during your downtime, such as after work or on weekends. You could be able to work as a brand ambassador full-time if you build up a large enough following.

Lastly, network with other brand ambassadors and ask how their social media posts got them into their current brand partnerships. Or if they know of potential brands looking to spread awareness and partner with new ambassadors.

how to become a brand ambassador

Brand ambassador average salary

In the United States, the average brand ambassador pay is $30,207 per year, or $14.52 per hour. Those in the bottom 10%, such as those in entry-level employment, earn around $22,000 per year. Meanwhile, the top ten percent of earners earn an average of $41,000 each year. Retail and technology companies appear to attract a lot of brand ambassadors.

Unless they're more concerned with money, in which case brand ambassadors are more likely to work for professional, manufacturing, or media companies. Even employees in these sectors can attest to the fact that this is where the money is. Despite the importance of money, many people make job selections purely on the basis of location.

As a result, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island pay the highest wages to brand ambassadors.

how to become a brand ambassador

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