5+ Best Substitute Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

substitute teacher interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best substitute teacher interview questions and answers for your upcoming job interview. Substitute teachers are an essential part of our academic programs that are offered in public and private school settings. Often times, you won’t see substitutes fill in on a university level unless it's for a large leave of absence, in which another professor oftentimes fills in. So most commonly, substitutes are going to be available for grade school, middle school and high school.

Without substitute teachers, it would be impossible for primary teachers to be able to have time to get well whenever they may be ill. Additionally, they may not be able to provide students the highest quality of educational experience if they need a day or two to plan with the school board. This is where substitute teachers are a vital and imperative part of our education system.

Substitute Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

1. Why is a substitute teacher important?

The role of the substitute is important because it provides the school system with an additional resource in order to alleviate teachers. There are only as many teachers available as there are classes and grades. So when a teacher falls ill or maybe needs to attend school board hearings, I can help to fill in, and ensure the students continue on their planned out academic courses.

2. How do you pick up where the primary teacher left off?

If the teacher didn’t leave any notes as to where the students currently are, its important to look over the previous lesson plans and get an idea of where the students are going. Additionally, it's helpful to ask the students what they were learning that week to get an idea of how well some of the course material has stayed within their memory. From there, we can usually proceed with the day or two of course material.

3. How do you ensure the primary teacher is able to get back on track with the students after you are complete?

Its important to leave lots of notes so that the teacher doesn’t waste any time when they return. Those notes should include parts of the lesson plan that was covered and where the students are in that course material. Any additional notes about the student's progress should also be left for the teacher.

4. How many days does a substitute teacher usually fill in for?

A substitute teacher often fills in for one to five days. Depending on the needs of the primary teacher.

5. What are some ways substitute teachers can go above and beyond?

Substitutes can go above and beyond by helping the primary teacher embrace some enthusiasm and motivation around the course material. It can always be fun to see a new face. Making the environment invigorating versus being strict about the substitution may help the primary teacher as they come back.

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