5+ Best Hostess Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best hostess interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview of being a hostess. The hostess is an important job, contrary to how our society may perceive the position. It is the first point of contact as it relates to the customer experience and the brand of the restaurant, hotel or bar. More often than not, in today's atmosphere, the presentation and friendliness of the staff is the thing that keeps customers coming back. Restauranteurs often place a lot of emphasis on how well a hostess can represent the company from this initial stage.

A hostess has a large amount of pressure upon them during busy times. From answering phones to communicating with waiting for customers to greeting customers that may be entering the establishment. Multi-tasking in this environment and doing it with little to no stress is incredibly challenging.

Hostess Interview Questions & Answers

1. Why is a hostess important to have?

A hostess is really important because its the first interaction a customer has with the business. Before they get seated and potentially speak with a waitress or bartender, they are speaking with me. If they are unhappy at the point of entry here, they will most likely be unhappy with their experience at their table. We want to ensure this is unified customer experience.

2. What are some ways you can improve our customer experience?

A heavy, happy greeting and frequent communication to customers who are waiting or customers who are on the phone. Being a resource is the best possible way to interact with customers. Not being brief is a core part of this communication. We want to be friendly and go above and beyond what someone might expect happens while they are being seated or waiting to be seated.

3. How do you handle an unhappy customer?

There are a few ways we can handle an unhappy customer. In instances where there is a long wait and they maybe have had to wait longer than they anticipated we can offer them something for free, like potentially a cocktail on us. This, of course, needs to be checked by the owner and ensure there are a few things we can give out for free for customer experience. Sometimes this is a free appetizer as well.

4. How would you help customers understand long wait times?

Its important that they understand we have long wait times due to the quality that we have with our service. And oftentimes that can mean customers stay longer than we anticipated. We can sincerely apologize for the wait and provide them with as much communication as possible to hold them over.

5. What are some ways you can make customers happy while they wait?

If there’s a bar area we can direct them there to wait for their table. At the bar area, we can indicate to the bartender that they’ve had long wait times and that they should receive the priority service in the bar area. This communication needs to be made by myself to the lead bartender so that we can work together to provide an amazing experience for customers who are having long wait times.

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