5+ Best Food Service Worker Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best food service worker interview questions and answers to help you in future job interviews. Foodservice workers provide their services in a variety of environments. It could be in a hospital setting where they are providing patients with the food they need for recovery. Or sometimes it can be within a detainment center like a prison or county jail. In any of those places, the ability to properly execute this work is of utmost of importance. If someone doesn’t have the enthusiasm they need to perform the job correctly, they could be potentially putting lives at risk.

Food service worker interview questions & answers

1. How do you deal with food allergies?

All food allergies should be properly assessed, taken note of and accounted for whenever preparing or serving food of any kind. We do not want to put our patients or our people at risk of illness due to our mistakes. All of these records should be kept clearly so that both myself and other food service workers can reference them.

2. How do you handle providing food to those less fortunate or potentially those imprisoned?

You need to be able to handle them without bias. That means thinking about the human at hand, regardless of their acts or their situation. Whether they are in a hospital setting where they are terminally ill or potentially imprisoned, we need to treat everyone as equals and provide them with sustenance to be able to continue to stay healthy.

3. Why is your job important to the company that you work for?

It is a civil right, regardless of your position, to be fed. That is of highest priority to a company and of highest priority to us as a civilization.

4. What are some ways you could fail?

By not treating each human as they though they have equal rights to food. The means disregarding their needs and not proving them a quality service as it pertains to their meals.

5. How do you go about hygiene around food?

Whenever leaving the bathroom, hands should be washed. Hairnets should be worn at all times whenever around food. Sanitary gloves should be worn whenever handling food or around food and proper clothing should be worn as well, meaning aprons or medical coats that have been sterilized. All towels should be sterilized as well.

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