5+ Best Hair Stylist Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best hair stylist interview questions and answers to get you prepared for your upcoming job interview. Being a hair stylist is a wonderful job. You get to help customers on a regular basis present themselves to the world in a positive light. Someone’s hair style has the ability to greatly impact their self-confidence and with that comes a truly positive experience for the end customer.

Hair stylists require certain licensing before they are able to practice at a salon. Be sure that you have gone through the proper schooling and education required before going into a salon and asking for a position. Be sure that you checking your state requirements in order to understand what these are.

Hair stylist interview questions & answers

1. Why do you want to be a hair stylist?

I want to be a hair stylist because hair is what helps frame our faces. And as humans, this is the first thing we look at when we communicate with each other and when we look at ourselves in the mirror. It helps us feel confident, feel beautiful and represent our unique selves.

2. What do you do when a customer asks you to cut hair a certain way?

Its best to try and help the customer understand that not all hairstyles are created equally. Meaning, one hair style may look a certain way on a certain person and look entirely different on someone else. Setting these expectations early is really important.

3. How can you help your customer understand their hair type?

A customer should understand if their hair is thin, thick, has patterns or any other type of unique feature. This communication helps the customer understand what they should expect when they get their hair cut. And can also help you assess what you might recommend in terms of hair styles.

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4. Should you focus on your work or focus on your conversation while giving a hair styling?

Being friendly is really important. That means having a connection and being conversational. But that’s not the entire job. The job is to produce an amazing hair style. And with that, most customers would prefer a great result rather than a good conversation. They will come back because they are happy about how their hair looks.

5. Why do most people not like their cuts and styles?

Because they had a different expectation of the outcome. This is why its very important to help a customer understand what might be best for them based on their hair type, their face shape and much more.

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