5+ Best Case Manager Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the best list of case manager interview questions and answers to help you with future job interviews. Case managers or often times referred to as social and human service assistants are people who help those in difficult situations prevail. Case managers often times work alongside a social worker, a therapist, a psychologist or someone in similar health and human service authority.

Case managers are people who appreciate helping to plan and motivate someone around the best ways to prevail from various social, medical and traumatic situations they may have been involved with. Compassion, problem-solving and organizational skills are absolutely required for case managers to do a successful job in their situation. Case managers often make somewhere in the ballpark of $24,000 to $30,000 per year depending on the state and the position. Generally speaking, you are being an assistant to a director who may be more actively involved in the health-related service for a patient.

Case Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. Who would you expect to work with on a daily basis?

I would expect to work either with a social worker, a psychologist, a therapist or someone else who may be in the health services profession. I would work alongside them to help execute and plan our paths forward for patients.

2. What would you do if a patient showed signs of depression or decreased instability?

It is important to understand the severity of the situation. If it is an absolute emergency, calling upon the health services professional to inform them of the situation and potentially calling more active authorities who can help with the situation at hand. Again, it all depends on what the signs are and how severe they are.

3. How do you handle patients who are under extreme stress or discomfort?

Clear communication, compassion, understanding, and attention to detail. It is important that in our work we are listening, taking part in the person's life and being the best possible resource we can to them. We don’t simply want to treat them as a patient.

4. What are some ways you can help those who are dealing with family issues in the household?

Compassion is a definitive quality that I have. Meaning, there is no way we can truly say ‘we understand’. But we can listen, we can try to reiterate how we can see what’s happening and acknowledge situations that may have been extremely difficult. That in of itself can be therapeutic.

5. How do you ensure all patients receive an equal amount of care?

It is really important that we are constantly observing, reporting and note taking for all other workers that may be involved in the patient's life. That way no matter if it's myself or someone else, we can gain the most insight, be the most active and do the best potential job that we can do. This reporting will, of course, depend on the county and/or the company we are working with.

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